Current research projects

Our currently active research projects

Nationally funded projects
  • Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research on Sustainable Space (FORESAIL). Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence project (2018 – 2025) PI: Minna Palmroth, UH
  • HPC-approach to Ionospheric Situational Awareness (HISSA). Academy of Finland, Special funding for EuroHPC, quantum computing and high-performance computing (2022-2024) PI: Minna Palmroth, UH
  • Kinetic Ionosphere–Magnetosphere Coupling with Hybrid Ions (KIMCHI). Academy of Finland, Postdoctoral Researcher (2021-2025), Yann Pfau-Kempf, UH
  • Tracing the Origin of the Dynamic Solar Wind via Time-dependent Coronal Modeling: SWATCH. Academy of Finland project (2021-2025). PI: Jens Pomoell, UH.
  • INErtial Range TUrbulence in Magnetic clouds (INERTUM). Academy Research Fellow (2021-2026), Simon Good, UH
  • Distributed AI in Supercomputing and phYsics (DAISY): Academy of Finland project (2022-2024), (PI: Teemu Roos), Co-PI: Minna Palmroth
  • Auroral, Energetic and Relativistic particle precipitation: Global Energy input and Local Chemical effects in the High-latitude atmosphere (AERGELC’H). Academy of Finland, Postdoctoral Researcher (2021-2024), Maxime Grandin, UH
  • ICT-Solutions to Understand Variability of Arctic Climate (ICT-SUNVAC): Academy of Finland project (2021-2023), PI: Minna Palmroth, UH, Co-PI: Pekka Verronen, FMI
  • Preparing for the most extreme space weather (Carrington): Academy of Finland project (2020-2023), PI: Minna Palmroth, UH, Co-PI: Kirsti Kauristie, FMI, Co-PI: Karoliina Pilli-Sihvola, Change in Momentum
  • Determining the space weather impact of coronal mass ejections using radio observations (RadioCME): Academy of Finland, Postdoctoral Researcher (2020-2023), Diana Morosan, UH
  • Database of Interplanetary Shocks (funded by national agencies). Most comprehensive database of heliospheric shock waves, PI: Emilia Kilpua
  • Transport Mechanisms of Strong Solar Energetic Particles in Complex Background Solar Wind Conditions (TRAMSEP): Academy of Finland, Postdoctoral Researcher (2019 – 2022), Eleanna Asvestari, UH
  • UNfolding storm-Time Wave activity in Near-Earth space (UNTWINE). Academy Research Fellow (2019-2024), Lucile Turc, UH
EU funded projects
  • Plasma reconnection, shocks and turbulence in solar system interactions: Modelling and observations (PRESTISSIMO), ERC Consolidator Grant project (2016 -2022). PRESTISSIMO uses and develops the novel Vlasiator code to determine the combined influence of reconnection, shocks and particle acceleration on the global magnetospheric dynamics, based on kinetic plasma theory.  PI: Minna Palmroth, UH.
  • Unraveling the structure solar flux ropes and their magnetosheath (SolMAG), ERC Consolidator Grant project (2017 -2023). SolMAG combines novel coronal simulations and observations to determine magnetic fields in coronal mass ejections and in their sheath regions. PI: Emilia Kilpua, UH.
  • EUropean Heliospheric FORecasting Information Asset (EUHFORIA 2.0)(2019-2022)(PI: KU LEUVEN). UH PIs: Emilia Kilpua and Jens Pomoell
  • Solar EneRgetic ParticlE aNalysis plaTform for the INner hEliosphere (SERPENTINE)(PI:UNIVERSITY OF TURKU). UH PI: Emilia Kilpua
  • The Space Weather Awareness Training Network (SWATNet). PI: Emilia Kilpua, UH.
  • Constraining CMEs and Shocks by Observations and Modelling (CCSOM) (2017-2021) (PI: Royal Observatory of Belgium, funded by  BRAIN-be). CCSOM develops and tests heliospheric space weather model EUFHORIA. UH participants: Jens Pomoell, Eleanna Asverstari and Emilia Kilpua