B: Human Well-being and Capabilities (Spring 2022)

Group B03: The Jovials

Objective: Prevention of burnout in university students.

Short description: Aesthetic well-being is a part of the overall human well-being: aesthetic experiences have a positive effect on humans and aesthetic values are a fundamental dimension of human life. Western cultures often separate human from nature. By creating a space where students can connect with nature through aesthetics, we aim to bring the two closer together and advance creating a culture of aesthetic sensibility. The idea is to create study spaces where nature is closer to students while they work as well as when they take a break from studying. These spaces will be designed to include sustainable, visually pleasing elements and design, and possibly even audio and smells that create a calm, nature-like environment.

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Group B06: Well-Beeings

Objective: Fostering a sense of belonging, connection with others and autonomy (deciding for oneself) at work.

Short description: Fostering autonomy, competence and community
at work (Deci&Ryan’s self determination theory):
● Different exercises and workshops depending on the company
● Example – Cisco: Team members share their future work related aspirations to a pair. They identify the skills that need up-/reskilling and which ones can be transferred. They go through each others’ LinkedIn and together tailor their profiles accordingly. Doing this, Cisco expands its talent pool, increases longevity in careers and supports mobility across the organization. The exercise gives autonomy to employees, builds their competence and fosters a sense of community. Also, team members help each other which has been shown to increase people’s happiness in life.

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Other Groups (unpublished assignments)

These project assignments are not public, but if you’re a Sustainability Course (SUST-001B) Spring 2022 student, you may access them in Mooc using the links below:

B01: Maailmanparantajat (Kestävyyskylä)

B04: Transformers (Individual sustainability credit cards)

B05: The craftainabilitists (Recovering our connection to craftsmanship)

B07: Working For Wellbeing -team (Building the foundation for solving the climate refugee issue)

B08: Vision Inclusive (Solving sustainability issues with deliberative democracy)