Sustainability Solutions from the University of Helsinki Sustainability Course

This is the blog for the University of Helsinki Sustainability Course Project Assignments. Students who participated in the course worked in multidisciplinary groups to create a plan for a sustainability transition project that was related to a real-world case. The case that the groups focused on could be any kind of sustainability challenge and the group had to visualize their project to sustainability solution canvas. Students were also asked to present their solutions in a form of a short elevator speech to other students and experts in a seminar organised at the end of the course period. From this blog, you can find some of the solutions created in the autumn 2021. Find the published projects from the top of the blog by choosing “project assignments”. All projects made at the course were to be published if every member of the group agreed to it. So no selecting was made when choosing which ones are to be shown in this blog.

We will organise a voting to figure out which of the solution created is the most interesting one. There will be a prize for the group behind the favourite solution and prizes will be drawn among those who vote for the favourite sustainability solutions.

Please have a look at different sustainability solutions from the top of the blog by choosing “project assignments” and after that vote for your favourite sustainability solutions here. Voting will be open till 24.1.2021.