B: Human Well-being and Capabilities (Autumn 2021)

Group B04: Vision Lesotho

Object: A move towards universal health care system to reduce child and maternal mortality in Lesotho. Eighty five in 1000 children under 5 die each year from causes that can be or treated. Many women are dying from preventable causes for which highly effective interventions are known. The most common causes of maternal death are hemorrhage, infection, unsafe abortion, eclampsia (very high blood pressure leading to seizures) and obstructed labor.

Short description: The development of health networks through three phases:
1. Developing primary health care (PHC) by prioritized the allocation of resources to deprive areas by three main features
2.The development of a family practice programme in deprive area
3.The third phase is making progress towards developing family practice in suburban areas and in cities

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Other Groups (unpublished assignments)

These project assignments are not public, but if you’re a Sustainability Course (SUST-001) Autumn 2021 student, you may access them using the links below.

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