E: Climate Change and Just Energy Transitions (Autumn 2021)

Group E02: Remission: Possible

Object: Heavy-duty vehicles produce around 6 % of total emissions in the EU. While freight transportation is crucial to the economy, the emissions must be lowered to reach the levels necessary for preventing harmful effects of climate change.

Short description: The genetically improved crops can be used in the production of biofuels. The genetic improvement does not have to worry about food safety or taste as the crops would not be used for food.There is also a possibility to genetically improve algae for biofuel production and thus preserve land for food production.

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Other Groups (unpublished assignments)

These project assignments are not public, but if you’re a Sustainability Course (SUST-001) Autumn 2021 student, you may access them in mooc using the link below.

E01: Just Power (The NGO for indigenous people)




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