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Synkooppi is a student organisation for all students of HU interested in musicology. Our job is to look after the interests of musicology students as well as organise freetime activities, such as music related seminars, parties and excursions.



With this form you can join us and become a member of Synkooppi. You have to be a registered student at HU to join. As a member of Synkooppi you are entitled to discounts in events and excursions organised by Synkooppi.


To keep updated on our happenings, you can sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram – and of course follow the posts on this webside. The mailing list is particularly useful as it is also used by teachers when they want to spread information about their classes.

We aim to post all Facebook events and website updates both in Finnish and in English. However, if we should forget this sometimes, or you have any other questions about our activities, don’t hesitate to contact us by email ( or via the comment box at the bottom of this page.

Here’s how you join the mailing list:

1. Create a new email. Leave the subject-field empty.
2. On the first row, write subscribe synkooppi-list[at]
3. Send the email to majordomo[at]
4. Wait for Majordomo’s verification mail about your subscription and verify it as instructed in Majordomos message.

To unsubscribe, do as above, but replace ”subscribe” with ”unsubscribe”.

Should you need help with subscribing, contact


All  Taitu-students have access to a practice room in Topelia C117. The practise room includes a grand piano, an audio system and an iMac computer with computer software for editing audio, images and videos. The computer can be logged in with the user accounts of the University of Helsinki.

The room is booked via In order to make a reservation, you must enter your email address, name and telephone number. However, this information is only visible to the booking system operator,  i.e. Synkooppi ry. Please remember to cancel your booking if you are unable to use it.

The door of the practice room is kept closed and opened by the porter on request. You can find the porters office at building A. If the porter is not in their office, you can call them from the phone outside the office, or from your own phone +358 2941 22825.