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Synop ry is the meteorology student organization of University of Helsinki. Synop has been founded in 1970, and we’re small but active. Everyone who studies meteorology or is interested in meteorology is welcome to join Synop.

How to become a member

You can become a member of Synop or re-new your membership by filling one of the forms below and paying the membership fee by following the instructions linked to the form:

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How to study meteorology at the University of Helsinki

Bachelor’s programme in physics

The bachelor’s programme in physics consists of 180 ECTS, of which 25 ECTS can be allocated to meteorology. These courses on meteorology are provided only in Finnish and in Swedish. If you study in any other bachelor’s programme at the University of Helsinki, you can choose meteorology as your minor (15-25 ECTS).

Master’s programme in atmospheric sciences (ATM-MP)

The Master’s programme in atmospheric sciences consists of 120 ECTS and there are six study lines to choose from: Aerosol physics, Geophysics of the hydrosphere, Meteorology, Biogeochemical cycles, Remote sensing, and Atmospheric chemistry and analysis. This programme is provided in English.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact our board: synop-ry[at] You may also send us an anonymous message and feedback via this form.

Tutors for the exchange students:

Oosa Lehtola
Pia-Nora Isomäki


Subscribe to Synop’s email list by sending an message ‘subsribe synop-lista’ to the address majordomo[at] . Leave the address field empty. Upcoming events can be found from a calendar in here and are also shown in the monitor located in the student room in Physicum.

If you want to meet fellow meteorology students, feel free to join Synop ry’s telegram-group! The rules of the group can be found form here.


Feel free to report any sort harrashment  anonymously with this form. Harrashment contact person of Synop will deal with the topic.


With this form you can contact the equality contact person of Synop, if you have any questions or feedback about the implementation of equality in Synop.