Rules of Synop ry’s telegram group


  1. This is Synop ry’s telegram group for casual discussion on meteorology and other topics on the mind.
  2. The channel is targeted at the Synop’s members, but all pro-Synop persons are also warmly welcome to join.
  3. Every conversationalist has the right to his or her own opinions and expression. When disagreements arise, arguing or attacking others is not the way to go.
  4. So respect other conversationalists as well as their opinions and ideas.
  5. All forms of discrimination based on age, academic age, gender, philosophy of life, background or other personal orientation are strictly prohibited.
  6. It is also not appropriate to make assumptions about the identities of other conversationalists.
  7. Sending disturbing, violent, pornographic, hateful, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate content to the channel is not permitted.
  8. If you notice any inappropriate behaviour or violation of the rules, please notify the person in question or, if necessary, please contact the channel administration.
  9. The channel administrator has the right to issue warnings to the person who violates the rules, delete inappropriate messages or, if necessary, remove the person violating the rules from the channel.
  10. Both Finnish and English are allowed languages for discussion.

Welcome to the Synop ry’s telegram group!