Night train Copenhagen – Amsterdam

At first, there was the shock of fitting six people with their massive back bags to a small, 2.5m*2m closet. Then, we spent the next 16 hours looking at each other in which time we adapted to the situation and started hiding our bags wherever our imagination let us.

The evening program included an informal school, which included personal presentations from and for all the travelers about some of the areas of their expertise.  I told them my horror stories (just kidding) about writing a PhD, that is, what kind of surprises and obstacles I was confronted with and how I survived them. Jaakko was talking about different forms of companies and how they differ from each other, whereas Mika shared his knowledge on cooperatives.

Alina’s presentation of the history of Romania functioned as the most inspiring and thought provoking start for our evening’s discussion. As everyone was so into the conversation, we even missed our last chance to go out to stretch our legs in the fresh air: a 20 minute stop somewhere in Germany, I guess. This is also a reason why we are still waiting for Julia’s Afrodance exercises while waiting on the platform 😀

Sleeping on the train was actually a pleasant experience. Not only because we had the possibility to sleep up until almost 11 a.m., but also because of the almost hypnotizing sounds of the rails. After interviewing some members of our group, I found out that I was not the only one who enjoyed it. Who could have seen this coming when entering our tiny three-layered travel shoebox for the first time 🙂

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