Pikkujoulu in Kaisa Guidance Corner

As the nights are getting longer and the city is covered in first fresh snow, it is the perfect time to meet and celebrate Pikkujoulu (“little Christmas”), a traditional Finnish pre-Christmas party. Ours took place in the Guidance Corner of the Kaisa Library on Tuesday 29th November and it was just fantastic 😊!

The Local Task Force prepared a bunch of different activities. We are still experimenting, but for example the format “match a country” will probably stay in our repertoire: for Pikkujoulu, the task was to match Una Europa countries with the right Christmas traditions. And it wasn’t as easy as it may seem. Do you for example know where they brew Christmas beer, or where it is a tradition to have horse races on the 26th of December?

You also had the opportunity to write your own letter to Santa about the university of the future you wish for. We collected a nice package of letters which we can’t wait to read… I mean deliver 😉. They really made our day, so you will definitely hear more about them in our future posts or social media takeovers.

Big thanks again to everyone who stopped by, we hope you had as much fun as we did 😊! And if you still want to catch us before the end of the year, we have one more event coming up next week: the Social Night in Thirsty Scholar. It will take place on Wednesday from 19:30 and is open to everybody 😊.

So hyvää Joulua!

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