Kalasatama sources

There are numerous narratives being produced about Kalasatama and its development. Below, a very selective list of some of the narratives, mostly narratives from cultural/artistic actors, telling a story with a community twist. Several of the projects listed below are interlinked.

Kalasatama talkoot

2014-2019 project, curated by the Eskus – Performance Center

Creating a park for Kalasatama

Part of Kalasatama taidetalkoot

Autumn 2014

A Song for Kalasatama

Song for Kalasatama, composed by “katujen elävöittäjät”; associated with Kalasatama taidetalkoot

Moving in Helsinki

“A pre-festival workshop as part of Amorph!14 performance art festival.”

September-October 2014

Homey Island

2015 (?)

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