Recent publications with immediate reference to my work on narrative and urban planning:

Scholarly monographs, edited books, edited journal issues

Ameel, Lieven 2020: The Narrative Turn in Planning: Plotting the Helsinki Waterfront. London: Routledge. (forthcoming).

Ameel, Lieven; Jokela, Salla; Laine, Silja; Kivilaakso, Aura; Vahtikari, Tanja (eds.) 2016 Joustava kaupunki [“Resilient City”]. Terra 128:4.

Ameel, Lieven; Kervanto Nevanlinna, Anja & Nyström, Samu (eds.) 2016: Urban Humanities.The Finnish Journal of Urban Studies / Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu 2016:2/54.

Refereed journal articles

Ameel, Lieven 2019: The ‘Valley of Ashes’ and the ‘Fresh Green Breast’: Metaphors from The Great Gatsby in planning New York.” Planning Perspectives 34:5, 903-910.

Ameel, Lieven 2019: “Agency at / in the waterfront in New York City: Vision 2020 and New York 2140.” Textual Practice 34:8, 1327-1343.

Ameel, Lieven 2018: “Metaphorizations of the waterfront in New York City’s comprehensive waterfront plan Vision 2020 and Foer’s ‘The Sixth Borough.’” Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 2018, 60:3, 251-262.

Ameel, Lieven & Neuvonen, Aleksi 2016: “Utopian jälkeen: vaihtoehtoisia tulevaisuusvisioita kirjallisuudessa ja kaupunkistrategioissa.” (“After Utopia: Alternative Visions of the Future in Literature and Urban Strategy”; refereed survey article.) Terra 128:4, 215-220. PDF

Ameel, Lieven 2016: “Towards a Narrative Typology of Urban Planning Narratives for, in, and of Planning in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.” Urban Design International 22:4, 318-330. PDF

Ameel, Lieven 2016: “Narrative Mapping and Polyphony in Urban Planning.” Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu / Finnish Journal for Urban Studies 2016: 2, 20–40. LINK

Ameel, Lieven 2016: “A bildungsroman for a waterfront development. Literary genre and the planning narratives of Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.” Journal of Urban Cultural Studies. 167-187. 20 pages. PDF

Ameel, Lieven 2016: “Emplotting urban regeneration: Narrative strategies in the case of Kalasatama, Helsinki.” DATUTOP 34. Re-City. Future City – combining disciplines., 222-240. 19 pages. PDF

Refereed article in book publication, conference proceedings

Ameel, Lieven 2016: “Cities Utopian, Dystopian and Apocalyptic.” In Tambling, Jeremy (ed.): Palgrave Handbook of Literature and the City. London: Palgrave, 785-800

Ameel, Lieven 2016: “Narrating Helsinki’s Kalasatama. Narrative Plotting, Genre and Metaphor in Planning New Urban Morphologies.” City as Organism. New Visions for Urban Life. ISUF 2015 Proceedings. 453-459. 7 pages.

Ameel, Lieven; Finch, Jason & Salmela, Markku 2015: “Peripherality and Literary Urban Studies.” In Ameel, Lieven; Finch, Jason & Salmela, Markku (eds.): Literature and the Peripheral City. London: Palgrave, 1-21.

Non-refereed journal articles

Ameel, Lieven; Jokela, Salla; Laine, Silja; Kivilaakso, Aura & Vahtikari, Tanja 2016: “Teema: Joustava kaupunki” [“Theme: Resilient City”]. In Terra 128:4, 199-202. PDF

Ameel, Lieven; Kervanto Nevanlinna, Anja & Nyström, Samu (eds.) 2016: “New Approaches in the Urban Humanities.” In Urban Humanities. Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu / The Finnish Journal of Urban Studies 2016:2/54, 4-9.

The Finnish Journal for Urban Studies published a theme issue on culture, design and planning, containing my first article on narrative planning, a short overview of the quite recent “narrative turn” in urban planning. The article was online for a moment, but has apparently been taken offline – the journal policy is to publish online after one year in paper. If you’re interested, contact me for a pdf.

The journal Spiegel der Letteren published a review of the book Tussen Beleving en Verbeelding, which examines the potential of literary sources for urban studies.

Ameel, Lieven 2014: ”Kohti kerronnallista käännettä yhdyskuntasuunnittelussa.” (”Towards a Narrative Turn in Urban Planning.” Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu (”Finnish Journal for Urban Studies”) 2014 (2), 62-27.

Ameel, Lieven 2015: ”Stadsbeleving en -verbeelding in de negentiende eeuw: nieuwe inzichten uit literaire bronnen.” (“Experiencing and Imaging the City in the Nineteenth Century: New Insights from Literary Sources.”) In Spiegel der Letteren 2015/57:2, 218–220.

Publications for a general public

Ameel Lieven 2015. “Tarinoita Jätkäsaaresta / Berättelser från Busholmen / Telling Tales of Jätkäsaari.” In Berglund. Eeva & Kohtala, Cindy (ed.) Uusi Helsinki? Det nya Helsingfors? Changing Helsinki? Helsinki: Nemo, 167-191.

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