Meet the new Helsinki Summer School Ambassadors

One of the most common reasons why students choose to apply for Helsinki Summer School is that they have heard their student colleagues praising its high-quality courses and warm atmosphere. Helsinki Summer School alumnis have always been an extremely valuable source for us when trying to attract the best and most motivated students to the following year’s summer school. Actually Helsinki Summer School students from previous years have been so excited and satisfied with their experience that without even realizing, they have made an enormous effort on marketing for us!

That is why this year we decided to get the most out of this promotional advantage and make it a bit more organized by creating the HSS Ambassador programme. We received brief applications from 11 students (from four different continents!) justifying why they wanted to become HSS Ambassadors. They turned out to be so fantastic that we ended up selecting them all to represent Helsinki Summer School!

In the Ambassador kick start meeting on August 15 the brand new ambassadors were given a peek behind the scenes and they learned more about Helsinki Summer School as an organization. We were happy to see the group was extremely insightful and enthusiastic about the possibility to help us creating new marketing materials by sharing their views. Interviews and blog posts introducing these people will follow during the autumn and we hope as many students as possible around the world will find their ways to this blog and read about our Ambassadors’ experiences. We also hope that the Ambassadors will continue promoting Helsinki Summer School in their home universities and be ready to answer any tricky questions that new applicants interested in HSS might pose in the social media during the busiest application period.

Thank you Céline, Farah, Gurdeep, Kanyu, Lauren, Matthew, Megan, Pierre, Yang, Veronika and Wei!


ambassadors_group small