#HelsinkiSecret Residence – want to join?

helsinkisecret_0What makes Helsinki such a cool place? What makes it so special? Want to find out what kind of student city Helsinki is? Are you interested in science? We invite you to live and breathe Helsinki lifestyle, our everyday life in a local way at the #HelsinkiSecret Residence.

Are you a blogger? Do you take photos? You could be the chosen one!
Please visit and apply at www.helsinkisecret.fi

More information about the campaign over here:

What is the #HelsinkiSecret Residence?
#HelsinkiSecret Residence is the first ever social influencer residence that allows its guests to step into local boots 365 days a year during the time period of 1.1.-31.12.2016. You can select your preferred length of visit and month. The #HelsinkiSecret Residence offers a live like local and slow travel experience.

Who is the #HelsinkiSecret Residence meant for?
The residence is primarily meant for social influencers, who are have a blog and/or are working with other social media networks within the fields of lifestyle, travel, and the startup and study scene. We are looking for especially those who are interested in study scene and science. The residence will host 1-4 guests/week in 2016.

Where has the residence got its name from?
Visit Helsinki has been told for years that Helsinki is the best kept secret of Europe and that it’s a hidden gem. Instead of trying to fight against this image, Visit Helsinki has decided to embrace it and the fact that Helsinki is a positive surprise to its visitors. In spring 2015, Visit Helsinki asked locals of Helsinki to tell what the secret of the city is. Now it’s time to find out what the secret is from an international point of view, hence the #HelsinkiSecret Residence.

What are the benefits of joining?
#HelsinkiSecret Residence offers a new way to experience Helsinki and gives the social influencer a chance to be a part of the local lifestyle and find the best secrets in town through all seasons.

How will the #HelsinkiSecret Residence guests be chosen?
Visit Helsinki will choose the guests based on their social engagement rate and reach. If the possible guest, applicant that is, will travel alone, Visit Helsinki will make the decision based on the applicant’s individual social media network statistics. If the applicant will travel with a friend (can also be partner), Visit Helsinki will base its decision on both of the possible guests’ social engagement rate and reach.

To make sure to get the key to the #HelsinkiSecret Residence, applicants can boost their application by asking his/her social networks to support the application by sharing it. The likes can be followed on the #HelsinkiSecret website, as one social influencer per month, a.k.a. Wild Card with the most likes, will bypass the other applicants and secure his/her stay at the #HelsinkiSecret Residence!

When does the registration end?
The application process runs from August 24, 2015 to September 1, 2016. The applicants will be informed of their acceptance at least three months prior to the requested arrival time (e.g. if the applicant wants to visit Helsinki in July 2016, he/she will know the latest if his/her application has been accepted in March 2016).
The website http://www.helsinkisecret.com/ is the main forum for applying. Once the #HelsinkiSecret Residence has opened its doors 1.1.2016, the website will also host a tag board that showcases the social content and podcasts that have been created in relation to the project.