Welcome to the Student Union!

You’ve arrived, all the paperwork is done, and you’ve registered for courses. Now you’re all set for your student life, the only thing to do is to wait for the lectures to start? Think again!

The key to an unforgettable time at the University of Helsinki is being active, joining student organisations, and meeting new people! The student union, HYY, offers you a student card with countless student discounts, affordable health care, and discounts on transport. Most importantly, though, the student union is home to a huge network of student organisations, new hobbies and awesome people from different faculties and countries – everything a student will need in Helsinki!


The student organisations offer activities ranging from medieval sword-fighting and theatre to choirs and beer-tasting. Every student also has a subject organisation and a faculty organisation which will welcome you with open arms. There you will meet like-minded people who will be glad to discuss the latest turns in your field, or tackle a difficult course assignment together. Find out which organisation is for you and join their activities! Student nations, on the other hand, bring together people from different parts of Finland, so if you’re curious, go ahead and join one! Some student nations also have appartments for students to rent, their own libraries and student restaurants.

Most of the over 250 student organisations will present themselves to new students at the Opening Carnival on September 5! The carnival opens at 2 p.m. after the opening ceremony of the academic year at the Main Building of the unversity. The streets and corridors at the City Centre campus fill up with lunch karaoke, cake, glitter, a pop-up spex (student improvisation play), street sitsit (student sing-song dinner party), overall badges and the stands of (almost) all student organisations.

Finns might seem shy at first, but persist and you’ll make life-long friends. Not knowing any Finnish is not a problem, since most organisations will function in English as well, if necessary. Get your tutor to help you in case you don’t know where to start!

Sitsit is one way of enjoying Finnish student life!
Sitsit is one way of enjoying Finnish student life!

In case the existing over 250 organisations don’t appeal to you, not to worry, you can also start your own organisation with the student union’s help! See more information about out organisations and how to start one at our website!

Want to influence the student union directly? We have committees for that! Whether you’re interested in development co-operation, campus farming or educational policy, we have 11 committees to help you get creative with your penchant. Committees work for the 28 000 members of the Student Union, so it’ll sure be an experience having taken part in that.

Your time at the university will be a lot more memorable, fun, educating and useful. You’ll go home with friendships and experiences that will last a life-time. Make the most out of your student life! The student union is here to help you!