Here we present some visualizations from the works that we have done in our research group:

Changes in Regional Accessibility Patterns:

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One day of city bikes in Helsinki:

Bike_sharing 15.5.2017

The visualization shows all the trips (n~7200) made by Helsinki bike-sharing system bikes on Monday 15.5.2017. More information about the map:

Midsummer science:
Midsummer came and went but where did people actually go to celebrate one of the most important and iconic Finnish holidays? And when did the celebration reach its peak? Here, we study these questions using publicly available geolocated photos that people have posted to social media as our data source. We use Instagram data from years 2014-2015.

Instagram posts before (pink point) and during (purple point) Midsummer 2014 (random sample of 5000 users). Lines present the locational difference of individual user’s posts before and during Midsummer thus indicating movements of people.

Density maps below show the Instagram photo densities during ”normal” 2 weeks before Midsummer (left figures) and during Midsummer weekends (right figures). Maps reveal that clustering is strongest in the vicinity of cities before Midsummer but then the activity clearly decreases and spreads towards coastal and rural areas during Midsummer where Finnish people like to spend their time (summer cottages).

Year 2015. Random sample of 5000 photos, that were clustered using Kernell-density function (1km resolution, 10 km search radius).

Year 2014.

Temporal analysis of Instagram content reveal that Instagram activities has clear daily rhythms: activity increases in the evenings and stops during the nights. There is also clear activity peak during the Midsummer when people send “Happy Midsummer” pictures to each other. Temporal examination also reveals that the popularity of Instagram in Finland has increased clearly from previous year as the amount of individual users and posted photos has more than doubled.

Midsummer is really important public holiday for Finnish people that can be seen also from social media as a distinctive activity spike. It doesn’t take long as it is already Christmas time…..We are waiting with excitement for what kind of digital footprint the Finnish people will give us during the next Christmas holidays. =)


An example visualization of accessibility (travel time) in Helsinki Region to a selected destination based on public transportation schedules. Input data is from MetropAccess-travel-time-matrix and visualization have been made with MetropAccess-MapGenerator -tool that is developed for automatic visualization of travel-time-matrix datafiles.

Space-time cube representation of individual journeys of riverboats in Peruvian Amazonia. Figure from conference paper: Tenkanen et at. 2014, @OGRS 2014.

Travel speeds of individual journeys and river heights at Peruvian Amazonia. Figure from conference paper: Tenkanen et at. 2014, @OGRS 2014.

Travel speeds of vessels along the navigation routes at Peruvian Amazonia. Figure from conference paper: Tenkanen et at. 2014, @OGRS 2014.