One day of city bikes in Helsinki

Bike_sharing 15.5.2017

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Creator:  Elias Willberg / Digital Geography Lab


The visualization shows all the trips (n~7200) made by Helsinki bike-sharing system bikes on Monday 15.5.2017 . Because the data set does not contain GPS tracks but only the start and the destination points, the paths for each trip shown in the map are not the real ones but assumed using fastest routes . Based on the data set  information however, the fastest route assumption is more or less valid especially during weekdays. White points are the city bike stations (n=140).


  • The Helsinki city bike dataset for 2017 was provided by HSL and City Bike Finland to the Accessibility Research Group / Digital Geography Lab of the University of Helsinki. The dataset has not been published openly to this date.
  • Background map: @OpenStreetMap Contributors @CARTO

About the visualization: The animation is done using QGIS time manager plugin.A big thank you also goes for these two excellent tutorials listed below that helped in making the animation:

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