13th Nordic Workshop on Developing Learner Autonomy in Language Learning and Teaching


Dear organisers of the Hannover Nordic Workshop 2019,
Thank you so much for the invitation to the 14th Nordic Workshop. How time flies, it feels like we had ours in Helsinki just yesterday!In planning the workshop, you’ve taken Gerd Gabrielssen’s seminal words as your guideline and beacon. And these were the words that Leni reminded us of in her talk in Helsinki, 2017.

It’s indeed essential that we always remember where we come from in order to understand where we’re headed. We wish you luck and we know that Hannover will be just as uniquely inspiring as all the previous workshops.

See you soon! Bis bald!

Leena and Sandro

In the workshop finishing the Helsinki event, Fergal Bradley and the ALMS team invited the participants to share their autonomy stories. And so we listened to and told our unique professional stories of autonomy: our passions, dreams, concerns and worries; how we have been travelling the autonomy road, how we are coping and what we see on the horizon. This was a wonderful experience of the power of stories!