Research in ALMS

The Origins of ALMS

“From Here to Autonomy”

Leena Karlsson, Felicity Kjisik & Joan Nordlund

This is the first book about ALMS. Published in 1997, it tells the story behind the setting up of the ALMS programme at Helsinki University. It contains both personal reflections as well as descriptions of the ALMS framework. With a foreword by Henri Holec. The book itself is out of print, but there is a pdf version of the whole book: From Here to Autonomy.pdf

Article about ALMS

“Language counselling: A critical and integral component in promoting an autonomous community of learning.”

Leena Karlsson, Felicity Kjisik & Joan Nordlund

In March 2007, the journal System published a special issue on language counselling. One of the articles gives a full picture of ALMS and the role that counselling and research plays in the programme.The full reference to the article is System, Volume 35, Issue 1, March 2007, Pages 46-65.It can also be accessed by going to this DOI link and entering the code doi:10.1016/j.system.2006.10.006 The article can no longer be read in full at this site but can be purchased.

Doctoral Thesis about ALMS

“Turning the Kaleidoscope – (E)FL Educational Experience and Inquiry as Auto/biography.”

Leena Karlsson (2008) Language Centre Publications 1. University of Helsinki Language Centre

A research text with a pedagogical purpose written by one of our counsellors. The thesis can be read at

A Book About Learner Autonomy

“Mapping the terrain of learner autonomy: Learning environments, learning communities and identities.”

Felicity Kjisik, Peter Voller, Naoko Aoki, & Yoshiyuki Nakata (Eds.)(2009) Tampere, Finland: Tampere University PressWith contributions from Henri Holec, David Little, Klaus Schwienhorst, Garold Murray, Marie-José Gremmo, Leena Karlsson, Felicity Kjisik, Yoshiyuki Nakata, Phil Benson and Naoko Aoki.

An Article on Counsellor Autonomy

“Generating visions, generating knowledge – ALMS counsellors write!”

Fergal Bradley, Leena Karlsson, Sandro Amendolara, Satu von Boehm, Kenneth Kidd, Felicity Kjisik, Leena Koskinen, Robert Moncrief & Tom Toepfer (2016) Language Centre Publications 6. University of Helsinki Language Centre

A report on a collaborative project on counsellor development. The article can be read on pages 91-118 at this link