Learner Duties

 Learner Duties in ALMS

• First group session (2 full hrs) – consisting of reflecting about language learning, discussing personal learning styles and recalling histories, analyzing strategies, needs and objectives, and making preliminary plans.

• Second group session (2 full hrs) – Reflection on learning and record keeping, discussing Support Groups and/or do-it-yourself (DIY) groups, and completing learning plans.

• There are three individual counselling meetings with an ALMS counsellor: one at the beginning, one in middle and one at the end of the term. These counselling meetings are 15-20-minute, face-to-face meetings which provide students with support and opportunities to discuss and reflect on their choices, plans, concerns, self-evaluation and progress with their counsellor.

• Participation in at least one Support Group or DIY Group.

• Planning, monitoring progress and evaluating learning and learning outcomes. A personal learning plan, a portfolio and a diary/log are used as tools in the reflection and self-evaluation process.