Language Back-Up

 Language Back-up

1. Language help

The Language Centre’s “Language Links” (Kielilinkkejä/Språklänkar) – a page with a variety of language links that pertain to the different faculties at the University of Helsinki

BBC World Service English Learning – one of the very best sites for learning and practising English.

English for Academic Purposes – from the University of Hertfordshire UK, lots of good advice and exercises.

Dave’s ESLcafé – lots of interactive resources.

English Club all sorts of resources for learning English.

This British Council website has lots of different ways of learning English.

2. Grammar

Internet Grammar of English – online course in English grammar for university students.

Online (advanced) English Grammar

Guide to Grammar and Writing – this page has won lots of prizes for its help with grammar.

Hyper Grammar – prizewinning electronic grammar course from the University of Ottawa.

Abitreenit – YLE pages with all sorts of help and exercises.

3. Online help

ESL Help Centre – get help fast from an international team of volunteer teachers.

4. Words, slang and idioms

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day

Buzzwords – Macmillan’s weekly buzzword, and archives.

Everyday phrases from the extensive English Daily site.

5. Reading

Story Archives
 – texts from various field followed by tasks and exercises.

 – a wonderful site for finding good books to read.

The Economist – Britain’s best weekly magazine with good articles for reading practice.

Study Skills for Dyslexic Students gives advice on reading and writing from Sheffield University

6. Speaking and pronunciation

Oral Presentations – a whole course, with lots of excellent advice, real opportunities for practice and video examples from the University of Masaryk, Brno.

British accents – recordings of British voices with a wide range of accents.

7. Writing

Purdue University On-line Writing Lab

Academic Phrasebank from the University of Manchester. Good advice for academic writing.

Study Skills for Dyslexic Students gives advice on writing and reading from Sheffield University

Dartmouth College  gives advice on citing sources.

8. Listening

BBC Radio 4 – Great opportunities for listening practice here, often including the tapescripts.

University of California Irvine – listen to courses and prominent speakers.