Who’s Who?

 Who’s Who? — ALMS Teachers

Here are the teachers currently involved in ALMS, plus their phone numbers and e-mail addresses:


Sandro Amendolara 
tel. 02941 22634
e-mail: sandro.amendolara(a)helsinki.fi
Mika Aromäki  (no ALMS teaching in 2024-25)
tel. 02941 23192
e-mail: mika.aromaki(a)helsinki.fi
Satu von Boehm (Coordinator)
tel. 02941 23738
e-mail: satu.vonboehm(a)helsinki.fi
Fergal Bradley 
tel. 02941 24184
e-mail: fergal.bradley(a)helsinki.fi
Gráinne Hiney
tel. 02941 23193
e-mail: grainne.hiney(a)helsinki.fi
Robert Moncrief
tel. 02941 23183
e-mail: robert.moncrief(a)helsinki.fi
Natalie Palmén
e-mail: natalie.palmen(a)helsinki.fi
Kirby Vincent
tel. 02941 24479
e-mail: kirby.vincent(a)helsinki.fi
Heikki Saira (autumn 2024 only)

e-mail: heikki.saira(a)helsinki.fi

Nina Wallden (spring 2025 only)

e-mail: nina.wallden(a)helsinki.fi

Alanna Ranger (spring 2025 only)

e-mail: alanna.ranger(a)helsinki.fi


Last update: 22 May 2024, SvB