Academic writing, first session and homework

I had my first academic writing session on Wednesday. I also met with my counselor, who gave me good ideas on how I should study and improve my English skills.

The fist academic writing session was very useful, although we didn’t get to write anything yet. The lesson gave me a clear image of what academic writing is and is not.

I did the homework that Kenneth assigned for us. My answers are below.

Task 12

  1. This model can be used to analyse the effects of several parameter changes.
  2. There are many reasons for the fall of coffee prices./ Coffee prices have fallen for many reasons.
  3. The difference can be clearly seen…
  4. Recent research shows that the arms are commonly used for protection during a fall to the ground.
  5.  So far no comprehensive study has been made in investigating/addressing the role of smiling in gaining the initial trust of individuals.
  6. Some studies have suggested/concluded that bamboo could be more widely used than now.
  7. These special tax laws have been enacted in six stated including Illinois, Iowa and Ohio.
  8. There is little research on the use of oil palm shell as coarse aggregate in the production of concrete.

Task 14

For example, because, because of this transparency, so that, are also more effective than other methods, however.

Text B is more fluent and has better “flow”. Text B uses many phrases and words to move from one point and sentence to another.  Text A just has a lot of short sentences that are not connected to one another.

Task 15

  1. … internet access, many of these….
  2. In fact, more than….
  3. …internet use;/. F/for example, they…   ….. information, or they may…..
  4. In addition, there….
  5. …reasons, thus, leading….

Task 16.


2. For example

4. While/although

6. Therefore/as a result

7. Thus


2. However/although


3. While/whereas

4. Although/ even though

6. for example


I also read this article

Hours: Academic writing 2h + 1,5h homework= 3,5h


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