Academic writing, second session and an academic summary

I have attended two academic writing sessions so far. We had a homework assignment to write an academic text. I chose to write an academic summary of an article. My first draft is below. I will write more and work on the style.

Summary of the article

Kantaväestön pakoa? Miksi maahanmuuttajakeskittymistä muutetaan pois?

Katja Vilkama, Mari vaattovaara and Hanna Dhalmann

Yhteiskuntapolitiikka 2013/5


In the article “Kantaväestön pakoa? Miksi maahanmuuttajakeskittymistä muutetaan pois?”(2013) Katja Vilkama, Mari vaattovaara and Hanna Dhalmann have studied the ethnical and sosioeconomical segregation in the Helsinki metropolitan region. The aim of the study was to investigate the reasons for migration, and to determine whether the so called “white flight” happens in Helsinki.

For decades Helsinki has been one of the fastest growing urban areas in Europe, and a major part of this growth has been due to the increase of migration. The proportion of immigrants is predicted to reach 20 percentage by the year 2020. Areal differentiation is becoming a reality in Helsinki, and this can create a number of both social and societal challenges. Suburbs and neighborhoods show more and more difference in their level of income, unemployment rate and ethnical structure. Research has also shown, that immigrants are more likely to move to areas where the ethnical diversity is already quite high. Moving behavior can be explained through so called push and pull factors. Push factors are the usually negative features that drive people to move away from an area, while pull factors are positive factors that make an area tempting and appealing. For instance, social problems, unpleasant environment, lack of greenspace, feeling of insecurity, and bad location can cause people to seek a more suited living environment.

The main objective of the study was to examine the motives and reasons for the original population to move to a different neighborhood. Does the increasing number of immigrants in an area drive the original population to move away? Do the increasing socioeconomical problems cause the original and usually more wealthy population to vote with their feet?


Hours: 4,5+5= 9,5

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