VetMed Business Collaboration Accelerator

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the first pilot case in the Business Collaboration Accelerator programme offered by the university business collaboration team. This one-year-long programme (May 2018 – April 2019) is designed to help faculties and centres in strategic business collaboration planning. It maps the faculty’s current business collaboration situation and plans interventions and strategy together with the faculty’s leadership to make the most of the possible under-utilised potential.

Information about the programme:

October Newsletter about the pilot – October Newsletter

Completed actions between May-October:

  1. Survey among the researchers about current state and needs in business collaboration (results can be found here)
  2. Presentation of survey results in VetMed Researcher Forum. Discussion and feedback in workshop mode.
  3. Interviews with 10+ researchers, 6 published on Business collaboration team’s website
  4. Workshop on research impact in funding applications: Impact Clinic, 13.9.2018
  5. A facilitated dialogue on business collaboration in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 3.10.2018 – this facilitated dialogue explored the staff’s views and aims of business collaboration on the basis of the survey, the interviews, the Researcher forum discussion and our experts’ input.
  6. Pricing Dialogue: PI Meeting of The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine took place on December 10th 2018 between 9:00 and 13:00 in Infocenter Korona
  7. Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS), the technology transfer unit of the University of Helsinki, presented University’s commercialization policy during the Veterinary Medicine Innovation Clinic (Information Leaflet) on December 13th 2018
  8. The First Interdisciplinary Afternoon (More information) took place on December 20th 2018. The aim of the Interdisciplinary Afternoons is to offer a place and a time for brief presentations and brainstorming about new, interdisciplinary ideas and collaboration opportunities across disciplines and possibly with organisations and companies outside the university. This is an opportunity for different groups and divisions to bring to the table a topic that they need other groups’ expertise for.
  9. Collection of ideas and feedback on possible interventions, support and strategies for the Faculty of Vet Med for the pilot period. 

Coming up:

  1. Training workshops on commercialization, business collaboration models, and funding
  2. Interviews with researchers and key partner companies of the faculty
  3. Events: Innovation Hunt Day, Match-making & networking day

Interviews and other blog posts about the Accelerator at

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