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University-Business Collaboration – University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki’s strategic goals (2017–2020) in business collaboration:

• Co-operation with companies increases
• Research has high societal impact
• Joint research with stakeholders is encouraged and appreciated

Research services of UH offers services for researchers and faculties to achieve these goals. Contact us and we’ll help you!


Training and coaching
Impact training, business collaboration training, academic consultancy coaching

Planning support
Facilitated dialogues, support for deans, support for strategic funding

Partnering and co-creation
Matchmaking, proposal and negotiation support, consortium building


Take the first step towards university – business partnership and watch a 1 hour and 20 minute video to learn the basics.
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Business Finland

Business Finland (former Tekes) has new funding instruments for research organizations to work with the companies. Take a look at them and think big! Plan for a multi-million project with a vision for several years: ½ year co-creation for forming the consortium of 2 year co-innovation. Possible continuation for development and implementation of best practices. Contact UH’s Research Services Joel Takala and Krister Talvinen for consultation: Contact details

Read more from Business Finland website
See several other funding opportunities


  • Impact Clinic
    The focus of the clinic is on understanding what research impact is and why it is important.
  • Impact Accelerator Program
    Accelerator program is for research teams’ and the aim is to boost research ideas into new projects.
  • Cup of Science
    Researchers sharing insights for the benefit of companies.
  • Commercializing research
    Commercialize your research! For more details see our intranet pages on Flamma for Tekes TUTL funding training.

Enchange the collaboration between university and companies

Co-Creation guide How to start collaboration between universities and companies? We have published a practical co-creation guide.

Read more and download the guide




Research impact for the benefit of the society

“I’ve never been afraid to ask companies to join my projects. They are usually open to different types of collaboration – it’s up to you to decide where you want to go.”
-Claudio Oliviero, Adjunct Professor, Production Animal Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


“I would encourage all researchers to find the individuals or groups that will benefit from the research and to plan the research and the exploitation of its results together with them.”
-Jenni Spännäri, Researcher, CoPassion project, Faculty of Theology


“Those who do business collaboration have more scientific publications.”
-ETLA Report 2018

Useful tips for research impact and business collaboration

Useful tips for research impact How to get started with business collaboration? How to get right partners? Read our useful tips and get practical information for research impact and business collaboration.



Fostering research – University of Helsinki Research Services


University of Helsinki’s (UH) Research Services supports researchers in identifying funding sources, setting up applications, and coping with legal issues related to their research. UH owned HIS advises researchers on innovation issues.