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Pilot project: The co-creation model of the University of Helsinki (COHU)
Funder: Tekes, University of Helsinki
Duration: 1.1. – 31.12.2017

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Universities are increasingly expected to influence social and economic development not only through their traditional duties of teaching and research, but also through public engagement. “Sharing” or “transferring” knowledge to the wider community or business and industry is no longer sufficient. Instead, new forms of interaction are necessary, and the most interesting among them include the various models of co-creation.

COHU develops a co-creation model around dialogue

The method of co-creation in COHU is dialogue. In dialogue, all participants are equal and listen to the comments and initiatives of other participants. This presupposes trust and playing the “believing game” where participants follow and develop, not only criticize, the ideas presented in dialogue.

In this pilot, five companies and seven researchers from humanities and social sciences work together in six workshops through the spring. Together, participants will define interesting research questions select a number of them for further elaboration and solving. The project is less about finding an ideal solution than about learning to discuss across disciplines and to create a common language. We aim for a win-win situation: the researchers become familiar with concrete problems companies are dealing with and the companies gain new insight into the scientific process and what it can offer.

COHU objectives

COHU will help create new skills for facilitating dialogue processes. This new information will be published in the form of a handbook that will help the University to implement the model in its industry collaboration efforts. As any co-creation project, COHU will also build connections among its participating companies and researchers. These network effects are an important part of the impact of the project. They will lay the foundation for collaboration between research in the humanities and social sciences, companies and public organizations.

Project leaders:
Maarit Haataja
Head of business collaboration/ Research Services
University of Helsinki
+358 50 311 2532
maarit.haataja (at)

Solveig Roschier
Director, Social Sciences
Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd.
+358 40 514 7875
solveig.roschier (at)

Consultant and facilitator:
Professor Antti Hautamäki
University of Jyväskylä
+358 50 563 9464
antti.hautamaki (at)

Emmi Holm, analyst, University of Helsinki
Kirsi Pulkkinen, researcher, University of Helsinki
Tanja Suni, business developer, University of Helsinki