Business Collaboration Accelerator for Faculties

Business collaboration accelerator for faculties is designed to help faculties and centres in strategic business collaboration planning. The accelerator is a year-long programme to map the faculty’s current business collaboration situation and to make the most of the possible under-utilised potential.

This is what the accelerator contains:

  • Together with the researchers, we analyse where the faculty’s or centre’s business strengths lie and where there are possibilities for collaboration and external funding.
  • The programme starts with a survey and interviews, continues with a facilitated dialogue about the faculty’s aims and needs and goes on to tailored training on identified issues for interested researchers.
  • Throughout the programme, we provide extensive communication through social media, blog posts, and success stories in the university’s internal and external news.
  • According to the needs of the faculty’s researchers, we organise also match-making events and build a business collaboration network for interested reseachers through which we offer information about funding and collaboration opportunities, training and events and seminars also in the future.

The first faculty to pilot the programme is the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The pilot started on 2018.

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