Impact Clinic

Does your research make a difference? What is your impact?


Impact Clinics and other trainings will be organized on the basis of Faculties’ or Units’ needs. It is the responsibility of the Faculty or Unit to take care of the practical arrangements of the training, including space reservations. There should be at least ten people attending the training. Our team will then provide the contents of the training. If you are interested in organizing a training event, please contact Senior Advisor Krister Talvinen (krister.talvinen[at]

Impact Clinic is targeted to the researchers of all fields, and the clinic is open to all researchers and collaborators of Finnish research organizations, free of charge. The people who benefit most from the clinic are post-docs and more senior researchers who do not have extensive experience from impact.

Impact Clinic helps you to understand what ‘impact’ means and why it is important in the world of today. You gain also an insight into how impact is defined and evaluated by the Academy of Finland, Tekes or the European Union. The clinic provides you tools with help of which you can analyze and enhance the impact of your research. Clear understanding of impact is a great asset when you apply for funding, since you are able to convincingly communicate why your research matters and how it is going to change the world for the better.

Impact Clinic broadens your view on impact, gives you an opportunity to discuss your research ideas with your peers, and provides you with valuable information about the services and support available at the University.

There will be additional Impact Clinics organized later this year, and the confirmed dates will be published at this site.

The clinic is organized by the University of Helsinki Research Services with the support of Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd (HIS) and Helsinki Think Company.

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“The Impact Clinic opened my eye to realize that a good proposal is not all about science. While it is challenging to figure out ways to measure and describe impact of my own research, the clinic gave me tools to start doing that.”
-Feedback from the researcher who participated the Impact Clinic Spring 2017


“Everything was good about the clinic. I already had some vague idea about the things discussed, but it was great to see those facts organized, summarized, and clarified. It was wonderful to hear about other people projects. The presenter was able to give thoughtful advice to every project!”
-Feedback from the researcher who participated the Impact Clinic Spring 2017


“Very helpful and useful, and worked better with being a small group – lots of attention for our individual situations and even finding some possible synergies. Would recommend.”
-Feedback from the researcher who participated the Impact Clinic