Interested in palaeontology? Do you need advise or a forum for discussions? Björn Kurtén – Club is an informal society for everybody interested in palaeontology. The Club is primarily the weekly meeting of palaeontology students at the Department of Geosciences and Geography, but it welcomes everybody interested in palaeontology. In addition to the weekly meetings we sometimes organise excursions and lectures by visiting scholars.

Regular meetings take place on Tuesdays every week at 16.00 (that’s four o’clock SHARP, not quarter past) in lecture room C108 in the Physicum building in the Kumpula Campus (Univ. Helsinki). Even if it is announced as starting as 16 o’clock, it means in the club 16.00.

In most meetings we have a short presentation about something which relates to palaeontology, followed by general free discussion. Also in the meetings there is opportunity to ask for advise and opinion from other students, PhD – students, Post-Docs or from professors. Everybody is Welcome!

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