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The ecological origins of snakes as revealed by skull evolution [New Publication]

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of Filipe, I would like to attract your attention on this newly published paper and thank all members of Kurten club for hosting and giving constructive feedback on earlier presentations of this project!

Da Silva, F. O., A.-C. Fabre, Y. Savriama, J. Ollonen, K. Mahlow, A. Herrel, J. Müller, and N. Di-Poï. 2018. The ecological origins of snakes as revealed by skull evolution. Nature communications 9:376.


Best wishes,
Yoland S.

Evo-Devo JC: Origin of snakes

Hi everybody!

This Friday (11th) in Viikki campus Filipe Oliveira da Silva will be leading the Evo-Devo journal club with a talk on skull shape in snakes and its implications implications about snakes origins (soon to be presented at the 75th SVP meeting).

Filipe’s research spans over a large set of subjects and techniques in both palaeontology and developmental biology that should satisfy the interest of many. You are most welcome to join the discussion on this long-controverted subject starting at 11:00 in Biocenter 1, room 4008 on the 4th floor (in front of the coffee room).

See you there,