Preliminary Club meeting schedule for Spring 2022


11/01     Paleo Book Club

18/01     Journal Club

25/01     Revisiting Wonderful Life              Mikko Haaramo, University of Helsinki

01/02     Wording of human evolution      Tegan Foister, University of Helsinki

08/02    Hominin environments, Orce, Spain      Mikael Fortelius, University of Helsinki

15/02   Alexander von Nordmann’s ‘terrible mistake’:
Finnish scientists and the study of Steller’s sea cow          Henry Pihlström, University of Helsinki

22/02    Big trees and tiny fungi – reconstructing the ‘Baltic amber forest’
Jouko Rikkinen, University of Helsinki

01/03     The future of the fossil record    Alexis Rojas-Briceno, University of Helsinki

08/03    Rhinos – a History      Oscar Wilson, University of Helsinki

15/03    PaleoPint and an introduction to the Paleontological Society of Finland

22/03    Journal Club

29/03    Dinosaurusten aika selkokielellä     Maija Karala

05/04   Mikko’s Newsroom

12/04    Adaptations and speciation in tree hyraxes (Dendrohyrax)     Hanna Rosti, University of Helsinki

19/04    Records of the Cambrian Explosion in Finnish Lapland – New findings of trace fossils from Kilpisjärvi area
Björn Kröger, University of Helsinki

26/04   The First Great BKK Debate – SJ Gould vs S Conway-Morris

03/05    Measuring complexity in cave bear molars – Mebin Varghese

10/05    Eurovision Fossil Contest

17/05    TBA

24/05    News from Orce – Suvi Viranta, Mikael Fortelius, Anu Kaakinen, Juha Saarinen and Juan Manuel Jimenez-Arenas