Club meeting schedule for Winter 2023

12/9/2023 Summer Wrap-Up
19/9/2023 Alexis Rojas Briceno – Improving the abstracted fossil record: Community detection on multilayer networks vs clustering population networks
26/9/2023 Regan Douglas – Behind the scenes at Ashfall fossil beds
3/10/2023 Ilari Pätilä – Ecological connections of Pleistocene Megafauna and bird
10/10/2023 Mikko Haaramo – Mikko’s Newscast
17/10/2023 BREAK
24/10/2023 Juha Saarinen – Evolution of proboscidean dental functional traits – how are they related to vegetation and climate?
31/10/2023 Oscar Wilson – Adventures in South America (Part II)
7/11/2023 Aida Kaffash Hoshiar – Using a single gene to gradually increase tooth complexity
14/11/2023 Martin Sirén – Early Cambrian trace fossils in the Kilpisjärvi region
21/11/2023 Abigail Parker – How can Netflix be applied to Pleistocene mammals?
28/11/2023 TBC
5/12/2023 Jeremias Glöggler – Secondarily terrestrial crocodiles
12/12/2023 TBC