Schedule Archive

Schedules from the previous years

2020, Fall

15.9. Plans for fall

22.9. Club discussion

29.9. Klub T-shirts

6.10. Club discussion

13.10. Visiting speaker: Dr. Howie Firth, the director of the Orkney International Science Festival 

20.10. Henry Pihlström, UH: “Korkeasaari Zoo: a brief history” and Otto Stenberg: ”Korkeasaari in 2020”

27.10.  Visit to Korkeasaari zoo

3.11. Visiting speaker: Silke Cleuren from Alistair Evans’ group:”Effectiveness of a snake strike”

10.11. Visiting speaker: Alistair Evans, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, TBA

17.11. Discussion session

24.11. Outi Hallikas, Jernvall’s group: Keystone genes of mammalian tooth development

1.12. Dental News of year 2020

8.12. Ilari Pätilä

15.12. Sci-fi book club

2020, Fall

21.1. Pascal Hagolani, Salazar-Ciudad group, UH: “Computational models in developmental biology”

28.1. Anikó Tóth, Macquarie University, AUS: “The elusive footprint of biotic interactions in the fossil record”

4.2. Ilari Pätilä: “Birdwatching in Jehol biota”

11.2. Naoki Morimoto, Kyoto University, JP: “Inner ears of fossil apes and hominins: insights into the evolutionary history of anthropoids”

18.2. Club discussion

25.2. Mikko Haaramo: “Latest news in paleontology”

3.3.  Otto Stenberg from Jernvall’s group will talk about the extraordinary bear dentition

10.3. Wataru Morita Jernvall’s group: “Exploring genetic basis of dental variation” 

17.3. TBA

24.3. POSTPONED due the corona situation (Björn Kröger, FMNH: Paleontological collections)

31.3. Virtual meeting on terminology texts discussed 18.2.

7.4. Ilari Pätilä: Paleo-art “Recreating Prehistoric Animals in Art; a retrospective of Dr. Witton’s course”

14.4. Jacqueline Moustakas-Verho, Primmer lab: “TBA”

21.4. Discussion session

28.4. zoom

4.5. zoom

11.5. zoom

18.5. zoom

25.5. zoom

2019, Autumn

10.9. Planning the autumn schedule

17.9. Ilari Pätilä: PaleoArt

24.9. Otto Stenberg & Tuomas Junna: Greetings from Svalbard

1.10. Björn Kröger: New insights in the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event – Report from the 2019 field season in Quebec (Canada), Utah (USA) and central Siberia (Russia)

3.10. Isaac Casanovas-Vilar: Miocene (Small) Mammals in Catalonia

8.10. Mikko Haaramo: PaleoNews on Dinosaurs

15.10. Elina Lehtonen: The Helsinki term bank for the Arts and Sciences

22.10. Briana Pobiner from Human Origins Program

29.10. Yue Zhang & Susanna Sova: Greetings from SVP

5.11. Journal club

12.11. PaleoBook Club starting with Henry Pihlström’s brief presentation on the literary work of Björn Kurtén

19.11. Maija Karala & Ville Sinkkonen: Greetings from Tetzoocon

26.11. Discussion and paleonews

3.12. Kari Lintulaakso: Greetings from the field

10.12. Juha Saarinen: News from Orce, part 2

17.12. BioGeoSciences Symposium in Metsätalo

2017, Autumn

Monday 4.9. 14:00-16:30 House of Science and Letters, room 104: Meave Leakey: Milestones in the story of us: how, when and why we came to be; Thure Cerling: New approaches to understanding the environments of hominin evolution and early hominin diets; Anna K. Behrensmeyer: The Ecological Theater of Human Evolution in Africa

12.9. Planning the autumn schedule

19.9. Helsingin Sanomat children’s science questions

26.9. Matti Pirinen: “Reading our recent history from our genomes: Fine-scale genetic structure in Finland”

3.10. News flash by Mikko Haaramo

10.10.  England Excursion flashback and ideas for the next BKK excursion – Janina & Matti

17.10. Sanni Turunen: “Antarctic Expedition of Project VALVE (Volatiles and Large Volcanic Eruptions) in Fall 2017”

24.10. Josie Joordens: “The Turkana basin: a mere marginal area in the grand theatre of African hominin evolution?”

31.10. Heli Etu-Sihvola: “Life Histories in Teeth -project studies the Finnish Viking Age population of Eura

7.11. Janina Rannikko: “Relative abundances and palaeoecology of four suid genera in the Turkana Basin, Kenya, during late Miocene to Pleistocene”

14.11. Henry Pihlström: “Fantastic beasts and where to find them: further results of the 2016-2017 taxonomic review of the FMNH mammal collection”

21.11. Diana “Excavations in Romanelli cave in southern Italy”

Monday extra: 27.11., 16:15  Jussi Eronen: “Research unit BIOS” and 20min rehersal lecture practice

28.11.  Lars van den Hoek Ostende: “Where weird is standard; topics in insular evolution”

5.12. Amelia Penny

12.12. Björn Kröger: “Ecological engineering and the Early Palaeozoic marine diversification: A question of scales?” Björn & Amelia will introduce their new project on Ecological Engineering

19.12. Christmas party from with Mikko’s music quiz and glögg and some sweets! 🙂


2017, Spring

10.1. Planning of the spring schedule

17.1. Club meeting

24.1. Diana Pushkina: “King Kong story. Dietary and habitat flexibility in South Asian mammals, including the giant ape Gigantopithecus, during the Pleistocene”

31.1. Björn Kröger: “Report from Expedition to Ordovician Oslobreen Group, Hinlopen Stretet, Ny Frisland, Svalbard during Summer 2016”

7.2. Club meeting – visit to fossil collections downstairs

14.2. Juha saarinen: “Elephants and environments – how proboscidean tooth wear reflects vegetation in the past”

21.2. Club meeting, recent articles

28.2. Party for V-P Salonen at the departments, club canceled

7.3. Club meeting

14.3. Mikko Haaramo: Cenozoic birds

21.3. Mikko Ijäs: “Fragments of the Hunt : Persistence Hunting, Tracking and Prehistoric Art”

28.3. Club meeting

4.4. Club meeting

11.4. Article session

18.4.  Mikko Haaramo: “Speculative palaeontology – Reproductive biology of dinosaurs”

25.4. Johannes Müller: “Cenozoic environments and reptile evolution”

2.5. Club meeting

THURSDAY 4.5.  17:00 Heureka, Animal Body Worlds -exhibition (adults 22€ / with student card 15€)

9.5.  Alison Eyres

16.5. Alumn Association and Kurtén Club: Jared Diamond “Displays of Humans, Animals, and Proto-humans” cl. 17-19 University Main Hall

23.5. Excursion to South England


2016, Autumn

6.9. Planning the autumn schedule
13.9. Discussion about lectures, courses and paleosocieties suitable for paleo people (especially for new students!)
20.9. Rachel O´Meara: “Understanding enamel formation and growth in non-mammalian cynodonts”
27.9. Article session: Red Queen
4.10. SVP practice session (Fabien Lafuma)
11.10. Ian Corfe “First in situ evidence of replacement of the multituberculate I2 and I3, and new data on multituberculate dental development” (after-beer in Oljenkorsi!)
18.10. Indre Žliobaitė: “Ecometrics beyond limits”
25.10. Mikko’s News flash
1.11. Teea Paasi: “Changes in the hind limb proportions in Quaternary large carnivores in North Europe”
8.11. Henry Pihlström: “Mistaken identities: a taxonomic review of the mammalogical collections at the Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki”
15.11. Sonja Lavikko: “Geological and mineralogical aspects on mineral carbonation”
22.11. Janina & Matti: Field work info
29.11. Nils Stenseth: “The zoologist Charles Elton: lemmings and the start of (empirically based) population biology”
6.12. -no club- Finland’s Independence Day
13.12. Prof. Zhang Zhaoqun: “Hunting for Oligocene mammals in Inner Mongolia”
20.12. Final club meeting 2016

2016, Spring

12.1. Planning the spring schedule
19.1. Laura Säilä: “A Tale of Ice and Campfires: Changes in the carnivoran guild of Britain during the Quaternary period influenced by hominids and climate change”
26.1. Discussion meeting, introducing people to each other (prepare few words about yourself)
2.2. Movie night: The Croods
9.2. Article session
16.2. Mikko Haaramo
23.2. Discussion meeting
1.3. Michael Mechenich: “The Methodology of Mammalian Dental Ecometrics: An Afrotropics Case Study”
8.3. Discussion meeting
15.3. Tuomas Jokela: “Mesowear of Late Miocene large herbivorous mammals from the Pikermian fauna of Greece and Iran: Dietary and ecological implications”
22.3. Discussion meeting
29.3. Discussion meeting
5.4. Janina Rannikko: “Turnover in dominant suid lineages in Turkana Basin area, eastern Africa, 2 Ma ago”
12.4. Discussion meeting
19.4. Ferhat Kaya: “The Rise and Fall of the Old World Savanna Fauna and the Origins of the African Savanna Biome”
26.4. Janina Rannikko & Tuomas Jokela: Revision of 1st International Meeting of early-stage Researchers in Paleontology -conference
3.5. Discussion meeting, Deinotherium find in Finland etc
10.5. Martina Aubrechtová “Upper Ordovician Cephalopods from Estonia and Sweden, their palaeogeography, palaeoecology and comparisons with faunas from the Prague Basin (Bohemia)”
17.5. Mikko’s news flash
1.6. Museum visit to Luomus (Climate change exhibition)

2015, Autumn

15.9. Video Blink Films
22.9. Mark Norel, special
29.9. SVP talks from Filip Oliveira and Yoland Savriama
6.10. Maria Lahtinen: “Dietary reconstructions using carbon and nitrogen isotope composition
– how does it link to tooth development?”
13.10. Mikael Fortelius: “Assessing past, present and future ecosystems for conservation science”
20.10. –
27.10 Kataja Kirjuri: Animal communication
3.11 Mikko Haaramo: Palaeontological news flash
10.11. Miikka Tallavaara: “How climate change shaped hunter-gatherer population dynamics in Europe 30,000–4000 years ago”
17.11. Shan Huang: “Biodiversity dynamics in space and time: Deciphering the role of history”
24.11. Club meeting and article session
1.12. Discussion about lectures, courses suitable for paleo people and paleo societies
8.12. Jacqueline Moustakas-Verho: “The cave bear story”
15.12. Chocolate trilobites

2015, Spring
20.1. Mikko Haaramo
27.1. Group meeting
3.2. Björn Kröger
10.2. Group meeting
17.2. Group meeting
24.2. Kataja Kirjuri
3.3. Anni Granroth
10.3. Group meeting
17.3. Mikko Haaramo
24.3. Sea-Life
25.3. Dilyara Galimova, Special
31.3. Indrė Žliobaitė
7.4. Otto Oksanen
14.4. Maija Karala
21.4. Fabien Lafuma
28.4. Bernard Wood
5.5. Juha Saarinen
7.5. Meave Leakey, Special
12.5. Group meeting

2014, Autumn
16.9. Aleksis Karme
23.9. Michael Mechenich
30.9. Kataja Kirjuri
7.10. Kari Lintulaakso
14.10. Janina Rannikko
21.10. SVP rehersals
28.10. SVP rehersals
4.11. SVP (no club?)
11.11. Mikko Haaramo
18.11. Agustin Martinelli
25.11. Juha Saarinen
2.12. Article club
9.12. Movie night

2014, Spring
14.1. Mikko Haaramo
21.1. Group meeting
28.1. Mikael Fortelius
4.2. Group meeting
11.2. —
18.2. Aino Tuomola
25.2. Lucie Plestilova
4.3. Group meeting
11.3. Juha Saarinen
18.3. Group meeting
25.3. Sea Life
1.4. Elis Newham
8.4. Kataja Kirjuri
15.4. Ida-Maria Nilsson-Ollandt
22.4. Movie night
25.4. Björn Kröger / Geological museum
29.4. Group meeting
6.5. Janina Rannikko
13.5. Alistair Evans
20.5. Kenneth Kumenius / SCATMAN

2013, Autumn
6.8. Analía Forasiepi
13.8. —
20.8. —
27.8. —
3.9. —
10.9. —
17.9. Group meeting, Aleksis Karme; Juha Saarinen
24.9. Group meeting
30.9. Lawrence Martin, Special
1.10. Scott Gilbert & Jukka Jernvall, Back-to-Back: Scott
8.10. Group meeting
15.10. LTCC & BKK: Chinese loess — Grain size distribution modeling
22.10. Group meeting
29.10. Scott Gilbert & Jukka Jernvall, Back-to-Back: Jukka (in Viikki)
5.11. Group meeting
12.11. Hervé Bocherens
19.11. Group meeting, SVP review
26.11. Triceratops, planning session
3.12. Triceratops, actual session
10.12. Olja Toljagic, Filipe Oliveira
17.12. Glögg

2013, Spring
15.1. Group meeting
22.1. Ema Knotkova
29.1.Group meeting (Ediacaran terrestrial life)
5.2. Marcus Clauss
12.2. Group meeting
19.2. Mikko Haaramo
26.2. Sanni Turunen
5.3. Group meeting
12.3. Ferhat Kaya
19.3. Scott Gilbert
26.3. —
2.4. Anton Äyräväinen
9.4. Group meeting (Triceratops & Turkana)
16.4. Henry Pihlström
23.4. Francien Peterse
30.4. —
7.5. Zhang Zhaoqun
14.5. Heureka – Body Worlds
21.5. Radoslaw Michallik
28.5. —
4.6. —
11.6. Thomas Bertin, Hui Tang
Moved to autumn: Scott Gilbert & Jukka Jernvall, Back-to-Back

2012, Autumn
12.9. Thomas Hansen, Special
18.9. Group meeting
25.9. Mikko Haaramo
2.10. Group meeting
9.10. Peter Ungar, Special
16.10. Group meeting
23.10. Mikko Haaramo
31.10. Group meeting
6.11. Faysal Bibi
13.11. Ferhat Kaya
20.11. Ellen Schulz
27.11. Group meeting
4.12. Nicolas Goudemand
11.12. Aleksis Karme, 3D-printing session
18.12. Christopher Heesy

2012, Spring
17.1. Hui Tang
24.1. Juan López Cantalapiedra, Group meeting
31.1. Ekaterina Petrova
7.2. Julia Schultz
8.2. Thomas Martin, Special
14.2. Group meeting
21.2. Juha Saarinen
28.2. Anton Äyräväinen
6.3. Jukka Jernvall
13.3. Susanna Sova
20.3. Ian Corfe
27.3. Group meeting
3.4. Nairobi
10.4. Group meeting
17.4. Ferhat Kaya
24.4. Group meeting
1.5. —
8.5. Group meeting
15.5. Group meeting
22.5. Chris Venditti
27.5. Summer break

2011, Autumn
20.9. Aleksis Karme
22.9. Lars Werdelin
27.9. Mikko Haaramo
4.10. Group meeting
11.10. Aino Tuomola
18.10. Tuomas Jokela
25.10. —
1.11. Kumpula Colloquium, Mikael Fortelius
8.11. Group meeting
15.11. Article session
22.11. Group meeting
29.11. Tapani Hopkins
6.12. —
13.12. Chocolate trilobite session

2011, Spring

25.1. Laura Säilä & Ian Corfe
1.2. Mikko Haaramo
8.2. Sarah Zohdy
15.2. Sophie Pantalacci
22.2. Diana Pushkina
1.3. Ika Österblad
8.3. —
15.3. Leena Sukselainen
22.3. Hui Tang
29.3. Andy Kruse
5.4. Jussi Eronen
12.4. Mikko Haaramo
19.4. David Mayhew
26.4. Kari Lintulaakso
3.5. Andrew Smith
10.5. Pam Gill
17.5. Heureka

2010, Autumn

21.9. Aleksis Karme
28.9. Mikko Haaramo
5.10. Kate Carter
12.10. Mikael Fortelius
19.10. Ferhat Kaya
26.10. Aki Kallonen
9.11. Juha Saarinen
16.11. Jonathan Bunn
23.11. Nina Himberg
30.11. Jacqueline Moustakas
7.12. Kumpula Colloquium
14.12. Chocolate Trilobites