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Kurtén Club presenting Mikko Ijäs: “Fragments of the Hunt : Persistence Hunting, Tracking and Prehistoric Art”

Hi All,

next week we will have a presentation by Mikko Ijäs: “Fragments of the Hunt : Persistence Hunting, Tracking and Prehistoric Art”. Everyone is warmly welcome to participate!

Mikko Ijäs is a doctor of Arts student in the Aalto University in Helsinki. Ijäs graduated as a Masters of Arts in 2006 from the department of photography of the University of Arts and Design, Helsinki. Ijäs’s doctoral dissertation work in progress titled “Fragments of the Hunt” deals with the evolution of art in the context of ethnography, paleontology, art history and neuropsychology. Ijäs’s works are represented in various collections and he has been exhibiting widely both in Finland and abroad. (

See you on Tuesday 21.3. at 16.00 in C108, Physicum!


Presentation by Juha Saarinen 14.2.

Hi All,

next week we will have a talk by a visiting scientist Juha Saarinen from Natural History Museum of London. His title is “Elephants and environments – how proboscidean tooth wear reflects vegetation in the past”. Everybody is warmly welcome! In a case of missing the presentation, Juha is also giving it in the department seminar on Friday.

See you on Tuesday 14.2. at 16.00 in C108, Physicum!


The Palaeontological Excursion to South England 22.-29.5.2017

Hi All,

We are happy to announce the registration for the Björn Kurtén Club palaeontological excursion to South England 22.-29.05.2017 open!

The aim of the excursion is to travel along the southern coast of Britain to visit some of the more fossiliferous localities, many of which have had a major influence on the formation of the field of palaeontology. The excursion will take us from London through Isle of Wight, Lyme Regis, Torquey to Bristol while visiting famous localities from Pleistocene to Devonian, and plenty in between. Maximum number of participants is limited to 18, be quick to secure your spot!

More information (expenses, travel route, localities etc.) and a binding registration form can be found from:

If you have any questions regarding the excursion feel free to contact us:

Janina Rannikko:

Matti Leskinen:

Club meeting 17.1.2017

Hi All,

tomorrow we will have a regular club meeting, we can discuss about what is going on in the field of paleontology etc. I also encourage you to bring up interesting articles we can discuss about. I hope to see new and old faces!

See you tomorrow 17.1. at 16.00 in C108, Physicum!


Ps. remember to join Nimenhuuto and click “in” if you’re coming!

Pps. Excursion sign-in is live at:

The first meeting of 2017

Hello All and Happy New Year!
The first Kurten Club meeting of 2017 will be held next Tuesday, and as before, we are going to plan the schedule of this spring. Please bring ideas what we want to do and discuss during this spring or sign up to give a presentation by yourself!
See you on 10.1.2017 at 16.00 in C108, Physicum!

Club meeting 13.12. Prof. Zhang Zhaoqun

Hello All,

next week we will have a meeting with a special guest presentation. Our guest will be Prof. Zhang Zhaoqun from Key Laboratory of Vertebrate Paleontology and Human Origins of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology. He will present us a talk titled “Hunting for Oligocene mammals in Inner Mongolia”. I hope many of you can attend, glögg will also be served!

See you on Tuesday 13.12. at 16.00 in C108, Physicum!


Club 22.11. Field work experience

Hi All,
sometime ago me and Matti decided to give an introduction to excavation experience and how to apply fieldwork. So next week we are going to talk about our own excavation experiences (me about Montana and Maiasaurs and Matti about Messel),  and also tell some tips how to apply them. This is targeted to people who would like to go to do fieldwork, but everybody is welcome to join, and if you have your own experience, please share it during the discussion!

See you on Tuesday at 16:00 in C108!


Club meeting 8.11. and excursion dates questionnaire

Hello All,

next week we will have a presentation by Henry Pihlström: “Mistaken identities: a taxonomic review of the mammalogical collections at the Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki”. Hopefully many of you can join!

See you on Tuesday 8.11. at 16.00 in C108, Physicum!


Ps. Now there is a Doodle questionnaire about the excursion dates, so if you are even a little bit interested to join the excursion, please answer all weeks that are suitable for you. Despite the weeks are from Mon to Sun in the questionnaire, the exact arrive and departure days can be something else.