ICHC 2015 ohjelma julkaistu

Heinäkuun karttakonferenssin ohjelmassa on luvassa oiva kattaus kiinnostavia esitelmiä. Mukana on myös suomalaisia puhujia.

ICHC 2015 konferenssipäivien 12.-17.7.2015 koko ohjelma löytyy täältä, alla tiistain ja keskiviikon sessiot, joissa on mukana suomalaisedustusta!


16.35 – 17.35 SESSION 10: Historical maps in historical GIS (short presentations and panel discussion) (chair: James R. Akerman)

  • Kimmo Katajala & Antti Härkönen, Mapping the urban spaces of a border town: Vyborg (Viipuri) from the 1630s to the present
  • Ellen Janssens & Iason Jongepier, Historic city maps and GIS: challenges and opportunities, using ‘GIStorical Antwerp’ as a test-case
  • Juan Martín Giraldo, Stefania Gallini & Omar Ruiz, Mapping the agricultural past of the Cundiboyacense high plateau, Colombian Andes mountains (18th – 20th centuries)


9.00 – 12.30 POSTER SESSION (entrance hall of the Aula, coffee & refreshments available)

THEME 3: Cartographic discoveries

  • Dae-Young Jung, A study of the old Korean map ‘Ch’ŏnhajegukto’ in the Collège de France
  • Antti Jakobsson, Leena Miekkavaara & Istvan Kecskemeti, A rare printed map of 12 globe gores: one of the first maps containing the name ‘America’
  • Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann, A recently identified late 18th – early 19th centuries manuscript map of the Chinese Empire in Göttingen
  • Catherine Hofmann & François Nawrocki, Early and modern globes in French collections

15.15 – 16.30 SESSION 12: Mapping the malleable (special session) (chair: Matthew Edney)

  • Stephen Hornsby, Picturing the world: American pictorial maps (1920-1970)
  • Katariina Kosonen, Passive resistance and raging propaganda: pictorial maps in the Finnish popular press (1900-1942)
  • Kathryn Edney, Mapping transitory events: Al Hirschfeld’s summer stock caricatures of the 1930s and 1940s


13.30 – 14.45 SESSION 16: Medieval European, Asian and Islamic cartography (special session) (chair: Karen De Coene) 

  • Stefan Schröder,The hybrid character of the 9th-century ‘Andalusian Map’ between Arabic and Latin cartography 
  • Alfred Hiatt, Earth and water: rethinking the equinoctial ocean 
  • Hyunhee Park, Islamic source maps for the 1402 Korean world map