Sharing ideas and inspiration

During the first few months of the ROUTE project (Reshaping Orientation, Unity and Team-work in ECGS Master’s Programme) it has been important to get to know other projects and developments that are on their way in the University of Helsinki. This has meant countless e-mails, yammer-questions and coffee sessions.

”What exactly are you working on?”, has been a question repeated multiple times during this spring. And let me tell you there are many exciting things on their way!

SISU, Grappa, Oodikone and Eportfolio are just some of the exciting new possibilities that the university is developing. In ROUTE, knowing about these developments is crucial; we aim to make the most of current developments and new ideas, to think about how our processes are best strengthened by new platforms and developments already within HY.

So actually, in the core of both the desired end result and the path we are taking is cooperation. Doing things, not alone, but together, and finding synergies and best use of resources is something we are concentrating on. Sometimes this means using new digital platforms, sometimes what is needed is increased face-to-face interaction.

This view of digitalization and “traditional working methods” (what ever these might be) being parallel and supporting each other, not conflicting, was emphasized also when 2017 Digiloikka projects showcased their journeys in Tiedekulma a couple of weeks ago. The event Digiloikkaajat Stagella gathered together projects all embracing and bravely testing new working methods. New ideas ranging from podcasts and portfolios, to virtual henhouses and videos were presented and served as inspiration for us newcomers.

This idea of sharing experiences and inspiration is something that I hope we treasure among the Digiloikka projects also in the future. Learning from each others success stories and challenges will most probably speed our way towards our goals. In case you ever feel like exlopring synergies with the ECGS Digiloikka, the ROUTE-project, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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