1918-1929 Finnish newspapers readable for 2018

National Library of Finland has come to agreement with the copyright organization Kopiosto about opening the newspapers and journals, which National Library has digitized, for use for the duration of the year 2018. Read more from the announcement(in Finnish).

Bundle of lion cubs / Source: Joulukukka : lasten joululehti, 01.12.1924, p. 17 https://digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi/aikakausi/binding/1354292?page=17

A hint of the using of the search also with newer materials. If you seek for specific newspaper from specific date, utilize their own search fields:

Free text search is not optimum for a specific newspaper can lead to typos and errors in dates

Instead utilize the separate search fields if you want to target to certain specific newspaper and you even know the date. You can use one or several search options within one search. More options can be found behind the yellow ?-mark in the search page of digi.
Pick date and newspaper if want to target that specific one. Free text search and all of its options are useful if you have specific search idea, but want to see across newspapers (or journals) what is found from it.

So have fun, and share information about the opening to anyone who would like to read about the news, weather, sports, politics or any other topics that the newspapers might have covered back in the date. There might be surprises ahead as things have changed from back then.

+Edit. The news item of Kopiosto with statements from both parties is also now online .