Welcome to the new blog!

The purpose of this blog is to allow teachers, students, leaders and admin of the faculty to inform others of their activities related to improvement of teaching and learning. Some of the material will be in English, some in Finnish and Swedish.

Talking of internationalisation, practically all our MSc and PhD programmes teach in English. (The exception to this rule is teacher education.) On the other hand, all our current 7 BSc programmes teach primarily in Finnish, partially also in Swedish. This will change, as a brand new international BSc programme in science will start in 2019!

Currently, the fraction of non-Finnish degree students is only 1% at the BSc level and increases to 15%  at the MSc level, and eventually to 26% at the PhD level.

In the latest application round to MSc programmes, we received almost 800 applications. About two thirds of the applicants were from outside EU, so there clearly is an international interest to our degree programmes.

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