MSc admission statistics – a new record for the Faculty of Science

337 students have been accepted to the MSc programmes of the Faculty of Science. A record number of 1281 applications were received this year. The share of those admitted was 26.3%.

Congratulations to all accepted students and welcome to Kumpula! Continue reading

Vielä 31 200 + 31 644 + 7 838 syytä kertoa yliopiston opetuksesta

Yliopiston entisen kanslerin, Kari Raivion mukaan “yliopiston tärkein tuote on hyvin koulutettu nuori ihminen, joka kävelee ulos yliopistosta, menee yhteiskuntaan ja muuttaa maailmaa” (HS 24.3.2019). Tämä kiteyttää työnantajille ja yhteiskunnalle suunnatun tuotteemme.  Continue reading

Kumpula MSc pro­gramme info ses­sions for BSc stu­dents, 3-11 Feb 2020

Come and get to know the MSc programmes on Kumpula campus!

MSc programmes on Kumpula Science campus will organise info sessions presenting what studying is like in their programme. The info sessions are for all BSc level students. They are a great way to see all the possibilities each programme has to offer and ask questions about the studies!

The events take place on Kumpula campus between Mon 3 Feb and Tue 11 Feb. Continue reading

Teaching and studying in a multilingual environment – Case of the new Bachelor’s programme in the Faculty of Science

English is emerging as the lingua franca of both university teaching and communication. The University of Helsinki acknowledges its obligation to protect national languages, but simultaneously actively promotes the use of English as an asset in the increasingly international and multicultural operational environment. The new Bachelor in Science programme, starting in Autumn 2019, is a good example of the practical ways in which the demand for teaching and learning in English is addressed. Continue reading

Significant growth in student applications to the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science received 1149 student applications in its 2019 call to international master’s programmes. The number of applications increased significantly, by 45% over the 794 applications received in 2018, which in turn showed 76% increase from 2017. Continue reading

New international Bachelor’s programme in Science

The Faculty of Science launches a new Bachelor’s programme in Science at the University of Helsinki in the fall of 2019. The programme will be taught fully in English, offering the opportunity to the students from outside of Finland to join the high-level education in Science right after the high school. In addition, those students who completed their school education in English within Finland may also find this new opportunity very attractive. Continue reading