MSc admission statistics – a new record for the Faculty of Science

337 students have been accepted to the MSc programmes of the Faculty of Science. A record number of 1281 applications were received this year. The share of those admitted was 26.3%.

Congratulations to all accepted students and welcome to Kumpula!

The Faculty of Science offers 12 international master’s programmes. In these programmes the language of instruction is English, but in most of them you can also complete studies in Finnish or Swedish. Both the number and quality of applicants has improved from last year. The programmes admitted in total 35% more students than 2019.

The most popular master’s programmes were Data Science (73 admitted students) and Computer Science (65), followed by Mathematics and Statistics (37) and Urban Studies and Planning (36).

The admission rate was lowest in the master’s programmes on Materials Research (15%). Other programmes admitted 20% to 40% of their applicants.

Out of the 337 accepted students, 205 students (61%) are non-EU/EEA students. The largest fraction of admitted non-EU/EET students is in Geology and Geophysics (89%). In other programmes the share varied between 22% and 74%.

In total, 1059 students from 83 countries have been admitted to the international master’s programmes of the University of Helsinki. A record number of 4704 applications were received this year.

Admission statistics for the whole university are available here.


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