Senior lecturers of university pedagogy speak about their inspiration

University pedagogy draws on wide multidisciplinary fields. Two senior lecturers in university pedagogy speak here what inspires them in pedagogy. DocSocSci Liisa Myyry and PhD Leena Ripatti-Torniainen support teachers at the Faculty of Science. Giving pedagogical training and supporting the Faculty and degree programs in pedagogical development are the main part of our job. Continue reading

New Fellows in Teachers’ Academy: Olli Ruth and Jokke Häsä

[EN] Since the beginning of 2019, the Faculty of Science has two newly appointed fellows in the Teachers’ Academy of the University of Helsinki: university lecturer Olli Ruth and postdoctoral researcher Jokke Häsä.

The Teachers’ Academy is a network of distinguished university teachers, the only of its kind in Finland. Appointment to the Teachers’ Academy signifies special recognition for teaching merits and scholarship in the field of teaching. Continue reading