Matlu International Committee established by the Science Student’s Association Matlu

The Science Student’s Association Matlu established an International Committee in December of 2019.

“The Committee is charged with the responsibility to promote the interests of international students in Kumpula. Our goal is to organise fun events for international and internationally-minded students. For example, we are currently planning an International Sitsit and International Hangouts.”

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Women constitute 29% of staff in the Faculty of Science

Our recent post about the gender distribution of students in the Faculty of Science (45% of women among new students) raised questions about the gender distribution of the staff. Per popular request: overall, the distribution is 29%/71% between women/men.

Fraction of women in major staff groups:

  • Research and Teaching Assistants: 35% (78/144 female/male)
  • Laboratory staff and Research Coordinators: 33% (31/62)
  • PhD students: 31% (100/223)
  • Postdocs: 26% (50/140)
  • University Lecturers and Teachers: 32% (28/60)
  • University Researchers: 22% (22/79)
  • Assistant and Associate Professors: 32% (13/28)
  • Professors and Research Directors: 16% (15/77)

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Faculty of Science has a strong gender balance in students

Against some popular impressions, the Faculty of Science has the most balanced gender distribution among students in the whole University of Helsinki. In 2019, 45% of new students admitted to the BSc programmes of the faculty were women (314 out of 703). The Faculty of Science wins this competition with a clear margin: the next faculties, Law and Theology, both admitted 37% men. Continue reading

CS-osaston uuden henkilökunnan esittäytyminen – CS department’s new staff presentations

Tietojenkäsittelytieteen osasto (CS) on saanut paljon uusia opettajia. Osaston opiskelijat järjestävät opiskelijoille ja henkilökunnalle yhteisen tutustumistilaisuuden 1.10.

The Department of Computer Science has lots of new teachers. CS students organise an event on Oct 1st to bring new and old staff and students together. Continue reading

How to take International Students better in to the community

[ENG] The Faculty of Science is facing a new era with the International Students during fall 2019, when the Bachelor’s Programme in Science starts. There has already been an increasing number of International Students at the Kumpula Campus, so supporting them becomes all more important. Continue reading