Kumpula Learning Together Colloquium continues online – two insights into learning and teaching

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Kumpula Colloquium continues online with two talks by Teemu Leinonen (29th April) and Göte Nyman (6th May).

On Wednesday 29th April at 14:15 Associate professor of New Media Design and Learning Teemu Leinonen (Aalto university) will speak on “Mirrorworld(s) — the next digital (learning) platform?” Leinonen is a researcher of New Media, e-learning and collaborative learning, and will focus on his talk to the augmented reality and its possibilities in teaching and learning.

You can join Leinonen’s talk (on Zoom) using this link
Password for the event: 969402

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Kumpula Colloquium discussed online education – next talk focus to future of working life

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In the second event of the Kumpula Learning Together Colloquium on 6th February, Teemu Roos, professor of computer science, spoke on “Same but different – Making online education scalable but personal”.

In the next events of the colloquium, 24th February and 2nd March, themes will be centered around working life. Speakers are Kristiina Mäkelä, Professor of International Business, Aalto University and Veli-Pekka Luoma, ICT Executive, Nokia SW Digital Intelligence – see more information in the end of this post. Continue reading

Kumpula Colloquium discussed future of university – next talk 6th February on online education

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In the first event of Kumpula Colloquium Learning Together on 29th January, Chief Digital Officer Jaakko Kurhila gave a talk titled “Tensions Rising for the Eternal Ivory Tower: Education as a Service”. Recording of Kurhila’s talk is available here.

In the next colloquium 6th February, professor Teemu Roos will give a talk “Same but different – Making online education scalable but personal”. Presentations and the discussion will be recorded and published in Unitube soon after the events.

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“Tensions rising for the eternal ivory tower” and other conversation starters

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Kumpula Learning Together Colloquium invites you to ponder about what teaching and learning could be like in future. The Kumpula Learning Together Colloquia events don’t give you answers but rather aim to raise questions and ideas regarding how we teach and learn.

First events of the series are:

Wed, 29 Jan 2020, at 14:15 in Exactum A111:
Jaakko Kurhila, Chief Digital Officer, University of Helsinki:
Tensions Rising for the Eternal Ivory Tower: Education as a Service
Register to the first event using this link

6th February, at 15:00 in Exactum CK112:
Teemu Roos, Professor of Computer Science, University of Helsinki
Same but different – making online education scalable but personal
Register to the second event using this link

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