MSc Thesis in OpenReq research project

MSc Thesis in a research project (funded): Designing and implementing an intelligent product release assistant system that utilises Choco solver for inference about diagnosis and repair.

Problem: The release problem concerns assigning requirements to a set of releases in which the requirements are planned to be implemented. The requirements are defined in different requirements management systems such as Doors or Jira. The requirements have properties, such as priority and effort, as well as interdependencies, such as one requirement requires or excludes another one. These properties must be taken into account when making the decision about the releases, but the release problem is also a negotiation process between stakeholders. We currently have basic functionalities to represent the problem in a declarative manner and to assist in making deductions using Choco solver as the inference engine. However, there is a need for defining and demonstrating more sophisticated inference. In particular, several releases need to be taken into account, conflicting properties and stakeholder concerns need to be negotiated, and explanations for resolving inconsistencies need to be generated for stakeholders.

Starting date: December 2017 – February 2018.

Objective (in addition to the thesis): Demonstration of the prototype implementation in the OpenReq meetings latest in May/June.

Required knowledge / keywords: Java, Spring Boot, CSP, Choco. The working language of the project is English.

Contact & Applications: Mikko Raatikainen or Prof. Tomi Männistö,

Context: OpenReq ( is an EU Horizon 2020 framework project that aims to provide better requirements engineering to your organization. We are driving for improvements in the areas of requirements identification, classification and decision making support. The improvements we are looking for can be achieved through improved processes, methods and tools. OpenReq is also looking at hot topics like Artificial Intelligence methods to help with managing requirements and requirement extraction from natural language like social media posts.

The project involves four academic partners: HITEC University of Hamburg (GER), Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (ESP), Technical University of Graz (AUT), and University of Helsinki. Other five industrial partners participate in OPENREQ: The Qt Company (FIN), SIEMENS (AUT), ENG Engineering(ITA), vogella (GER), and Wind Tre S.p.a. (ITA).

The thesis is carried out in the Empirical Software Engineering Research Group