Trustworthy Machine Learning Systems Afternoon, 26 April, 2023, 13-16:00, at Think Corner in Helsinki

Together with our partners, we are arranging Trustworthy Machine Learning Systems Afternoon, 26 April, 2023, 13-16:00, at Think Corner in Helsinki (with zoom for remote access).
The event is based on the results of our European and domestic research projects IVVES (, IML4E (, AIGA ( and AHMED (

More details and registration:

Publication in ICSA conference

We presented last week a paper about the industrial experience of micro frontends at the international conference on software architecture (ICSA). The conference is one of the most high-quality conferences in software engineering and rated as Jufo2 in the Finnish ranking system, i.e., the highest level for conferences.

See the linkedin post (Finnish) and the research portal for the paper and presentation.







New demo video: Model card validation

We recently published a new demo video demonstrating the key features of the model card validation action developed at the University of Helsinki.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that every model promoted from the experimentation phase to production is accompanied by an up-to-date model card. This tool helps by adding an automated testing step (the validation action) to an MLOps pipeline, where the existence, structural integrity, and syntactical validity of the model card are confirmed.

Key features demonstrated:

  • Validation of the model card
  • Creating custom rules
  • Creating custom functions for the rules
  • Using the MLflow integration

Source code:…

More information on usage:

HIIT Quantum Software Day in Helsinki on 3.2.2023

We are arranging the 1st HIIT Quantum Software Day in Helsinki on 3.2.2023 to get together people interested in quantum software, algorithms, and applications. The program is aimed to cover both basics from a CS perspective, examples of ongoing research, and discussion/networking of future opportunities.
Further information and registration here:
We would appreciate it if you forwarded this message to other interested persons in your neighborhoods and networks.

Agility—Yes, But What Agility?

Over the past few years, software companies and software-intensive product development organizations have experienced turbulent changes in their business and operating environments. Furthermore, such current courses as large-scale digital transformations, data/AI technology developments and green transitions are likely to call for strong and sustainable capabilities for even enterprise-level agility.

In the annual (since 2018) Nordic Agile Survey industry-academia collaborative research, we have been investigating the current nature of agility in industry. The survey is again open for responding. What agility means and entails for Your company/organization nowadays—and in the future? Think about that, and reply to the survey here!


Check out our latest AI/ML-systems and quantum computing results for FCAI AI day.

ESE group will present the recent research results in FCAI day on November 16, 2022. See the following contributions that will be there:


  • Lalli Myllyaho, Jukka K. Nurminen and Tommi Mikkonen: Node co-activations as a means of error detection—Towards fault-tolerant neural networks
  • Kai-Kristian Kemell and Ville Vakkuri: ECCOLA – A method for implementing ethically aligned AI systems


  • Ilmo Salmenperä and Jukka K. Nurminen: Hyperparameter Optimization of Quantum Annealing Boosted Restricted Boltzmann Machines
  • Juha Mylläri: Augmenting the Student-Teacher Feature Pyramid Matching Method for Better Unsupervised Anomaly Localization
  • Juhani Kivimäki: Uncertainty Estimation with Calibrated Confidence Scores
  • Jussi Steenari, Lucy Ellen Lwakatare, Jukka K. Nurminen, Jaakko Talonen and Teemu Manderbacka: Mining port operation information from AIS data
  • Yumo Luo, Mikko Raatikainen, Lalli Myllyaho and Jukka K. Nurminen: From Misbehaviour and Fault Tolerance in ML system towards dependable and self-improving MLOps (edited) 


The final seminar of the AIGA (AI governance) project 13.10.2022 Online&Turku

Artificial Intelligence Governance and Auditing (AIGA) project, which ESE is a participant, will have its Final Seminar. We will present the key results of the project. We will also host more general discussions about the latest developments around responsible AI. Both researchers and industry representatives will share their views in the open seminar, and the program ends with an informal networking event.

The final seminar will take place on 13.10.2022 at the Turku School of Economics. A live stream is provided for remote participation. Please make sure to register before 5.10. (16:00).

For further information, please visit our event website:

Register as a participant: