Summer Interns in OpenReq project

We are looking for research assistants as summer workers in the research project OpenReq.

Task: Java backend programming as the main objective but can also include Jira plugin development. In addition, other tasks also relevant related to OpenReq project. The tasks will be agreed based on the knowledge and interests of the applicant. Possibility to experiment modern technologies, such as AI  and NLP, with practical problems. We will have people available at office during the summer to support and guide the work.

Skills needed: Basic knowledge of Java, and data structures and algorithms. Knowledge of and interest in software and requirements engineering is a benefit.

Contact: Mikko Raatikainen or Prof. Tomi Männistö,

Context: OpenReq ( is an EU Horizon 2020 framework project that aims to provide better requirements engineering to your organization. We are driving for improvements in the areas of requirements identification, classification and decision making support. The improvements we are looking for can be achieved through improved processes, methods and tools. OpenReq is also looking at hot topics like Artificial Intelligence methods to help with managing requirements and requirement extraction from natural language like social media posts.

In Finnish see also the UH news item: Tulossa: Älykäs ja yhteisöllinen ohjelmistojen vaatimusmäärittely.

The project involves four academic partners: HITEC University of Hamburg (GER), Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (ESP), Technical University of Graz (AUT), and University of Helsinki. Other five industrial partners participate in OPENREQ: The Qt Company (FIN), SIEMENS (AUT), ENG Engineering(ITA), vogella (GER), and Wind Tre S.p.a. (ITA).

The thesis is carried out in the Empirical Software Engineering Research Group