29 August – 1 September 2023

The 56th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea

@ National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

  • A morphological analysis of singulatives in Cushitic languages (Rahel T. Dires)
  • Case marking under negation in complement clauses: The case of Finnic (Matti Miestamo, Ksenia Shagal, Olli Silvennoinen & Chingduang Yurayong)
  • Language contact effects in their multilingual ecology: A typological approach (Kaius Sinnemäki, Francesca Di Garbo, Eri Kashima, Ricardo Napoleão de Souza & T. Mark Ellison)
  • Language interaction in border region: Relative markers koji and който in Torlak dialects (Bojana Damnjanović)
  • Sound symbolism in onomatopoeia: language-specific phonemic biases (Sonja Dahlgren & Seppo Kittilä)
  • The morpho-syntactic characteristics of switch-reference systems according to region: Towards a global typology of switch-reference (Jonathan Banks)
  • The reduction of indicative past tense categories in Meglen Vlach verbs ‘be’ and ‘have’ (Andrei Călin Dumitrescu)


7-11 August 2023

The 16th International Conference of Cognitive Linguistics

@ Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Communicative efficiency and language contact (Kaius Sinnemäki, Francesca Di Garbo, Eri Kashima & T. Mark Ellison)
  • Negative conditional constructions in English: A usage-based perspective (Olli Silvennoinen)


30 July – 4 August 2023

The 65th Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference

@ Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

  • Quantification of verbal events: A new perspective for studying convergence and divergence across Altaic languages (Sami Honkasalo, Chingduang Yurayong & Pui Yiu Szeto)
  • Turkic languages of Russia: Current issues of taxonomy and vitality (Ekaterina Gruzdeva & Arzhaana Syuryun)


9-14 July 2023

The 18th International Pragmatics Conference

@ Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

  • Egophoricity in talk-in-interaction in Wutun: Integrating
    Conversation Analysis with linguistic field methods
    (Erika Sandman)
  • Structural and communicative aspects of intentional silence as a
    conversational strategy (Thanasin Chutintaranond & Chingduang Yurayong)


15-17 December 2022

The 14th International Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology

@ The University of Texas at Austin, USA

  • Towards a typology of extended meanings of reported speech (Daniela Casartelli)
  • Typologizing contact effects on a global scale (Ricardo Napoleão de Souza, Francesca Di Garbo, Kaius Sinnemäki, Eri Kashima, Noora Ahola, Anu Hyvönen & Oona Raatikainen)
  • Typology and discourse: The case of the asymmetry between affirmation and negation (Matti Miestamo, Olli Silvennoinen & Chingduang Yurayong)


24-27 August 2022

The 55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea

@ The University of Bucharest, Romania

  • Coordinating negative clauses: A pilot study of cross-linguistic variation (Matti Miestamo, Ksenia Shagal, Olli Silvennoinen & Héloïse Calame)
  • Narrative distributions of extended reported speech (Daniela Casartelli & Stef Spronck)
  • Marriage patterns and language contact: Initial results from a worldwide comparison (Eri Kashima, Francesca Di Garbo & Oona Raatikainen)
  • Quantifying contact-induced change: A multivariate typological approach (Kaius Sinnemäki & Noora Ahola)


21-26 August 2022

Congressus XIII Internationalis Fenno-Ugristarum

@ The University of Vienna, Austria

  • A public discussion event about research cooperation in the current situation (Ksenia Shagal)
  • Typological maintenance and change in the Finnic and Saami demonstrative systems (Chingduang Yurayong)


1-5 August 2022

International Conference on Historical Linguistics 2022

@ The University of Oxford, UK

  • A new approach to the typological study of contact-induced change: A case study in nominal morphosyntax (Francesca Di Garbo & Kaius Sinnemäki)
  • Language contact effects on locus of marking: A multivariate typological approach (Kaius Sinnemäki & Noora Ahola)