Guest talks

This page lists occasional guest lectures organized by the General Linguistics Unit. Most events take place under our regular seminar series (GL Research Seminar and HALS seminar).


8 June 2023

Language Contact and Change in the Central Andes

The GramAdapt project organized this workshop featuring two talks by visiting guests of the project, Prof. Katja Hannß (University of Cologne) and Dr. Matthias Urban (University of Tübingen). Katja Hannß’s talk was titled ”Strategies and Patterns of Intentional Language Change with a Focus on Kallawaya” and that of Matthias Urban ”The sociolinguistics of vertical complementarity and the question of language contact and expansion in the ancient Central Andes”. Abstracts of the talks can be found at the project’s website.


24 November 2022

Journey to the West: A history of language contact of Sibe

Visiting researcher Dr. Veronika Zikmundová (the Charles University Prague) gave a guest lecture on the Sibe language (Tungusic, Western China) and the likely contact origin of features, their possible links to contact languages, and the sociolinguistic factors that may have conditioned the processes of change and maintenance in Sibe.


7 October 2022

Seminar on phylogenetic reconstructions

HSSH Visiting Professor Mark Ellison gave a brief conceptual introduction to phylogenetic reconstruction, followed by Mark Ellison and Kaius Sinnemäki showing how to apply this kind of thinking to evaluating the probability of outcomes of language contact.