GIERI was one of the five projects financed by the development cooperation funds of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and administered by the Finnish National Agency for Education in 2015-2018 through a Eritrea-specific HEI ICI Programme.

The objective of the Eritrea HEI ICI Programme was to support the development of sustainable institutional capacity in Eritrean higher education institutions through enhancing administrative, field-specific, methodological and pedagogical capacity.

The overall objective of GIERI was to strengthen the institutional capacity of Eritrean Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in teaching and research of Geinformatics by starting a new Master’s programme in Geoinformatics.

Teaching and research on geoinformatics has been significantly strengthened
with new curriculum, two geographic information system (GIS) laboratories,
teaching materials and three trained staff members. The staff is expected to teach the next generations of geoinformatics experts to come, who will take key positions in different ministries and institutions. Overall awareness of geoinformatics has improved in Eritrea. See more project results.

Project coordinators:

Pekka Hurskainen, University of Helsinki: pekka.hurskainen (ät) helsinki.fi

Dr. Woldetensae Tewolde, College of Arts and Social Sciences: wolde1956 (ät) gmail.com


Geoinformatics, GIS, partnership in higher education, MSc degree programme, capacity development

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