Reaching the top and out to society 2013–2016

What kind of instruction will be given and what kind of research conducted at the university in 2016? And what kind of cooperation will the university have with the surrounding society? How will we be reaching for the top?

The University of Helsinki is preparing its strategy for 2013–2016. The aim is to build an inspiring view of the future for the University of Helsinki’s new role until 2016 on the basis of the ‘Reaching the top and out to society’ vision. The future strategy will be drafted with the help of, for example, a comprehensive online questionnaire.

The university invites all its friends to join us in brainstorming the future of the university! You can have your say by participating in the online questionnaire, commenting on the blog or sending e-mail to The University of Helsinki Facebook page, will also provide updates on the latest information concerning the preparation of the strategy.

This blog will record the journey towards the new strategy. Hop on aboard!